Medical Conditions, COVID-19 Vaccination to Quarantine Rules for International Students

Medical Conditions, COVID-19 Vaccination to Quarantine Rules for International Students

After recovering from the Delta variant of COVID-19, just when we started getting our lives on track, the new COVID-19 Variant Omicron pushed us back to the start point. It is a global cause for concern and is influencing lives worldwide, one of them being the ever-changing travel rules. One of the crucial destinations which have recently changed their travel restrictions includes the United Kingdoms. Here are some POST-COVID preparations you need to make before travelling to the UK for further education.

Guidelines for Students Travelling to UK Post COVID-19

  1. Travel restrictions have been eased for students under 18 and those who are fully vaccinated. They do not require to undergo pre-departure tests nor indulge into 10 days self-isolation on arrival, effective from January 9, 2022. However, students who have taken complete vaccination for COVID-19 need to fill the ‘Online Passenger Locator’ form and should get tested within two days of reaching the UK.
  2. For testing, RT-PCR is not mandatory; students can opt for a Lateral Flow Test (LFT). If they are positive, then need to take an additional NHS PCR test and quarantine for 10 days, starting from the day they receive their positive report. (It will be counted as Day-0)
  3. Pre-departure testing is compulsory for not vaccinated students, which should be taken 2- days before arrival in the UK. The PCR test is necessary within 2 days of arrival and students are asked  to quarantine themselves  until they get a negative report. They need to be in quarantine for 10  days and take another test on the 8th day of their home quarantine, irrespective of earlier negative reports.
  4. For self-isolation on arrival, the student must provide the address in the passenger locator form. The self-isolation location can be a rented place or stay with friends and family, a standard hotel, or temporary accommodation with delivery facilities of essential amenities and food. The self-isolation location cannot be changed after arrival, and students need to stay at the chosen place only.
  5. Unless necessary, students should avoid taking public transport while travelling to a self-isolation centre from the airport.
  6. Students travelling to the UK should familiarize themselves with the government’s guide on travelling safely during the pandemic and constantly monitor the government’s official website to keep track of potential changes in the travel guidelines.


If you are a student or want to study in the UK, the guidelines mentioned above are a must-follow. To get more information about gaining admission to the top UK Universities or assistance regarding the new travel guidelines related to COVID-19 in the UK, connect with Speak2University counsellors who are ready to guide you with every procedure.

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