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Queen Mary University of London Honoured as Leading Research Intensive University in the UK

Queen Mary University of London Honoured as Leading Research Intensive University in the UK

As the name sounds, Queen Mary University of London it’s noticeable what grand stature this university holds in front of the students all across the globe. QMUL is known as one of the popular research-intensive universities in the UK for ages & it has eventually captured the victory space on its name once again. It’s the extensive research projects on which academic professors & researchers work at QMUL for which it has been named an outstanding research-intensive university in the UK by Research Excellence Framework(REF) 2021 & no doubt in acknowledging this that they deserve this prestigious award for their hard work, dedication & commitment in the field of research & development.

Research Excellence Framework (REF) is a highly dignified rewarding body that evaluates numerous UK universities based on research parameters before declaring the final list. It’s a series of assessments, evaluations & inspections after which universities are given a particular rank in the list published by REF. Talking about QMUL’s accomplishment in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 it’s a visible effort which the entire fraternity has put forward in their research work. 92% of the research work from the Queen Mary University of London is recognized as World-Leading or Internationally Excellent as per the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 which is a proud moment for everyone at QMUL who has contributed to the studies conducted here. For such marvelous progress ,i.e., maintaining the quality of research it has been ranked 7th in the UK jointly by the REF 2021.

Also as we already stated above that it’s not the first time for QMUL to secure a place on this list, well it’s very significantly true. It was ranked 5th in the UK for the percentage of 3* and 4* research outputs which is a highly commendable reward given to them for their efforts. Thereafter the celebration was accelerated when the Drama Department from the Queen Mary University of London secured the No.1 rank in the UK as per the results published by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021.Though QMUL’s victory list doesn’t end here as ‘6 Different Subjects’ taught at this university are ranked at No.2 out of Top 10 in the latest results. Names of the subjects which attained that ranking are Politics & International Studies, Economics & History, Film, Computer Science and Informatics and Engineering respectively.

Though the main context of this update is all about QMUL’s fame which it has achieved in the field of research & development altogether with social justice & social mobility. The assessments submitted by QMUL to Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 state that this particular university has put equal effort into all the three departments which depict that they were 100% committed to their research practices & that’s the reason they made it till here. However, focusing on social mobility was worth the effort as last year they ranked at the topmost level entirely in the UK for social mobility & also received the ‘Platinum Watermark for Public Engagement’ for promoting its research & education all over the world.

Research projects ranging from Medicine to Film & Drama Department were submitted by the Queen Mary University of London researchers for assessment purposes. In the former one submitted by the medicine department, it was showcased how underpinning London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone could reduce the harmful effects of air pollution eventually decreasing the number of premature deaths amongst children and adults. Whereas in the latter one submitted by the Drama & Film Department it was showcased that art modification helps people connect with drastic conditions such as someone’s death or negative violence.

Talking about this achievement, Professor Colin Bailey ( President & Principal ~ Queen Mary University of London) stated that he’s extremely happy with the ranking honoured to QMUL for its meaningful research practice through which it’s aiming to bring a positive change worldwide. For him, it’s a team effort and all the staff, students, and alumni have equally worked together showcasing strong capabilities due to which QMUL has witnessed such a prestigious moment at the beginning of the 2022 year.

Another person who spoke on such impressive landmark achieved by QMUL is Professor Andrew Livingston { Vice-Principal ~ Research & Innovation at the Queen Mary University of London } who stated that it’s obvious that achieving such a massive percentage in the results state that QMUL’s research is highly exemplar & authentic in terms of quality due to which it leaves a social, cultural & economic impact on the society. He also stated that all the researchers who work on research projects at QMUL will receive full support & a sophisticated research environment for their practice from the management. As per his statement, he means that he’ll make sure that they receive an adequate environment for research in which they can generate profitable results. In the end, he concluded his speech by saying that he’s extremely happy about this aspect and that all the extraordinary research work performed by QMUL’s colleague is getting the honest recognition it deserves from society.

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