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The Leader of Legal Tech Revolution in the United kingdom – Swansea University

The Leader of Legal Tech Revolution in the United kingdom – Swansea University

We live in a digital age where technology constantly changes, disrupts, and transforms. Researchers at Swansea University apply digital technology across all disciplines including law, health, science, engineering, arts and humanities , to analyse the past and shape tomorrow’s world


Swansea University is a leading university of UK , with an excellent reputation for cutting-edge research, Their research in the new edge field of Artificial Intelligence is remarkable, some of the examples of industry driven research initiatives include:

1. Research in Artificial Intelligence

The University has contributed to research in AI from the discovery of gravitational waves to the detection of breast cancer. Through their interdisciplinary approach, Swansea University can develop start- of- the- art research projects which cover fundamental particle physics and astronomy, the health and clinical sciences, and novel ideas in mathematical, physical and computer science

2. Swansea University spearheads Industry- driven Research

The University of Swansea has been awarded funding to be part of 16 new Centres for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence, part of a £100m investment by UK Research and Innovation. In this project, researchers will use AI technology to improve healthcare, tackle climate change, analyse Big Data and create new commercial opportunities.

3. CHERISH – DE Research Center at Swansea

The University is focused on nurturing transformational digital ideas to enhance and support individual lives. Swansea University is also home to multidisciplinary research centre CHERISH-DE ( Challenging Human Environments and Research Impact for a Sustainable and Healthy Digital Economy )It explores how to deliver digital innovations that help people relate and respond to our rapidly expanding technological world, with a focus on health and social care, resource-constrained communities, heritage, cybersecurity and cyberterrorism.

4. The Leader of Legal Tech Revolution- In the United kingdom – Swansea University

The Swansea University has remarkably led the legal tech revolution, looking at how AI and other technologies are shaping the future of the legal profession. The University was the first in the UK to launch a master’s programme in LegalTech, equipping students with the skills to be 21st century lawyers.  The University is also home to LegalTech Wales, a hub for researching and developing the Legaltech sector in Wales. LLM Legal Tech is a 12 month Master level course with excellent prospects for the lawyers of the future.


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