University of Dundee Honours Indian Researcher with a Fellowship in 2022

Scholarships & Fellowships are definitely the most important aspect of the education timeline. The scholarship is awarded to those meritorious students who show exceptional talent in academics or any other background (sports, theatre) whereas a fellowship is a specific funding amount which is given to the assistant professors and researchers for working on their case studies. The prominent importance of […]

8 Things International Students Relate to Who Study at Swansea University

Swansea University is a beautiful institution that deserves the whole focus. There is no other university in the United Kingdom that offers Freshers Fortnight instead of Freshers Week, “Refreshers Week ” in the 2nd semester, and the most significant ‘Varsity Tournament’ in Wales. Swansea has also received a bunch of prestigious awards out of which one is TEF Gold for […]

Queen’s University Belfast climbs the successful stairs of relaunching the innovative manufacturing campaign NIACE¬†

Queen’s University Belfast is known for its versatility in succeeding in the different departments for ages which makes this university one of the best universities in the UK. In recent times, another feather that Belfast has added to its cap is the re-inauguration of Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering Centre (NIACE) which is known to be a well-known component […]

Prominent Global Concerns Addressed by the Swansea University Students from Media Department in Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Summit

Swansea University students from the Media Department were provided with the opportunity to address global issues in a 3-day International Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Summit, which ultimately introduced them to a broad range of other issues. All of this was a new and unique experience for the students as they witnessed the ongoing reality of the live newsroom area. […]