University of Nottingham inaugurates FinTech Research Centre in 2022

University of Nottingham inaugurates FinTech Research Centre in 2022

The technical domain is booming at a rapid pace & various universities have been setting up courses and research centers in relevance with the same so that in-depth knowledge is accessible to the students. In recent times, the ‘University of Nottingham‘ has formally introduced the ‘FinTech Research Hub’ at the university which is built for stimulating the technologies which contribute to the acceleration of the financial aspects globally. Let’s have a look at what this financial hub promises to society and how it’s beneficial in the long run.

The launch of the ‘FinTech Research Hub’ is done by the “University of Nottingham” for upgrading the pace of financial technologies whilst publicizing the cultural environment & unique innovations of the financial domain. In addition, INFINITY {Centre for Inclusive Financial Technology} which will be built at Castles Meadow Campus, Nottingham City Centre is committed to this research hub. It implements advanced data analysis & modelling techniques for improvising financial inclusion. This all is done with an agenda of constantly promoting social welfare, and financial inclusivity, whilst welcoming a diversified pool of fresh talents who will work together jointly for creating an excellent future for financial services worldwide. Also, research analysis would be performed in certain areas by eminent professionals from different fields which we have mentioned below.

Key Research Parameters

  • Inclusive Risk: This domain works on making risk management & measurement models relevant to future events. For Eg: Weather
  • Inclusive Analytics: Implementation of the latest data analytics techniques is done in the financial technology sector with a vision of improving the decisions, product layout and customer outcomes.
  • Inclusive Financial Services: Focuses on how financial inclusion & financial technology can be utilized for useful purposes.

Professor Meryem Duygun {Aviva Chair in Risk & Insurance – Nottingham Business School} said that, for her, this is indeed an exciting moment to witness the launch of the ‘FinTech Research Hub’ at the university. According to her, this would lead to the growth of the financial & technical industry altogether. She further continued by saying that “INFINITY” is the result of all the innovative ideas which are being formulated in the field of finance whilst promoting financial inclusions for the betterment of the entire community.

The generous contribution of “Professor Meryem Duygun” for INFINITY & FinTech Research Hub is truly praiseworthy as she’s the first academic professional in the UK who has developed a strong network in “FinTech Research” and has also successfully managed to gather funding from the “Economic & Social Research Council-ESRC” for the expansion of this research hub. Apart from this the University of Nottingham FinTech Research Network” created by her brought together various renowned faces from the industry, academics, and policymakers who would analyze from an intellectual perspective how AI & ML are beneficial for the finance industry and how it can be implemented in the same about which we have discussed in the above section of this article. It’s all about how these technologies can contribute to streamlining the finance sector.

Achievement Highlights: Professor Meryem Duygun

  • Honoured as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences
  • Founded INFINITY – Centre for Inclusive Financial Technology
  • Most influential women in the UK financial services industry by Innovate Finance (Women in FinTech Powerlist 2020)
  • Appointed as “Aviva Chair in Risk & Insurance – Nottingham Business School”
  • Leads the “Global Centre for Banking & Financial Institution” & “University’s Nottingham FinTech Research Hub” respectively

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