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University of Nottingham Ranked Jointly at 7th Place in the Research Excellence Framework 2021

University of Nottingham Ranked Jointly at 7th Place in the Research Excellence Framework 2021

It’s the beginning of 2022 and numerous prestigious ranking bodies have published their results after analyzing UK universities on various factors. Out of all one such university which has risen to fame is the ‘University of Nottingham’ which has been ranked jointly at 7th position in the final results published by the Research Excellence Framework REF 2021. It’s quite evident on Nottingham getting rewarded with such great ranking for its spectacular research projects through which it’s changed the lives of numerous people living worldwide. Though apart from research quality other factors such as critical mass, sustainability and international impact too have helped the ‘University of Nottingham’ secure 7th position in the REF 2021 list. As there were many pieces of research which relatively impacted the lives of the people still there were some which surely achieved a big landmark. Have a look below to know more!

  • Talented researchers from the School of Medicine of the ‘University of Nottingham‘ helped the National Health Service (NHS) save £233 million by modifying vaccination policies for adults against pneumococcal diseases that could lead to blood poisoning, meningitis & pneumonia.
  • Researchers from the University of Nottingham executed a detailed case study on women who have been working during menopause along with devising the working conditions for women who have been working during menopause. They also aimed to abolish this taboo which is put by society on the women who work during the menopause stages.
  • A team of researchers created an advanced form of computerized algorithms which was further utilized for controlling the carbon dioxide emissions & decreasing the congestion in air traffic during the tough times.
  • The evolution of wearable magnetoencephalography (MEG) brain scanners by the researchers from this university is termed to be highly impressive research which was invented for the benefit of society. It helped the medical fraternity to demonstrate a remarkable knowledge about mental health conditions, neurological diseases & fatal neurodegenerative disorders.

Talking about the above research, Professor Shearer West (Vice-Chancellor ~ University of Nottingham) stated that it’s obvious that our university is known all across the world for its quality optimized research performed in various departments which are far distinct from each other. The final results truly showcase the skills & effort that all the researchers put forward to achieve the designated mark. He also said that he’s extremely proud as most of the research from the university has been leaving a positive impact on the industry, healthcare, business, culture & public policy sector in the UK and all across the world.

This was indeed an informative university update on the ‘University of Nottingham right? We all know that getting shortlisted and ranked by Research Excellence Framework (REF) isn’t easy and only those universities who have indulged in performing in unique and innovative research make it here and that’s the reason University of Nottingham is here as it’s has a proven record where researchers from this university have given their 100% effort, commitment & dedication to generate a successful finding at the last.

So this was all for now and if you’re someone who also wishes to be a part of such top-notch research projects then joining ‘University of Nottingham‘ could be an excellent career choice for you. But for that you’ll need to first complete your undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate (PG) degree whichever you wish to study here and then only you can head over to pursue a PhD degree later in future where you’ll be provided with an opportunity to work on massive research projects with some leading experts.

Moreover, in some courses (UG/PG), you’ll also be asked to work on a dissertation project in the final year which will build your knowledge to a higher proficiency making you more familiar with the subjects. With all this, we’re now wrapping up and if you wish to know more about the courses taught at the University of Nottingham then you can book a consultation call with Speak2University experts who’ll guide you about the same or you can have a look at some of the popular courses taught here in the list mentioned below.

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