University of Sheffield Researchers Worked on Earlier Snowmelt & Arctic Greenery Analysis

University of Sheffield Researchers Worked on Earlier Snowmelt & Arctic Greenery Analysis

University of Sheffield is entitled as a ‘Research University’ & is also honored for Global Excellence which adds a praise worthwhile feather to its cap of achievements .In addition, 99% of the research from the University of Sheffield is recognized worldwide and is also termed as excellent or world-leading according to the results showcased by Research Excellence Framework 2014. It’s also ranked under ‘Top 10’ UK universities for exhibiting spectacular research output by Research Excellence Framework 2014. All this gets affirmed by extraordinary research submissions performed by the University of Sheffield every year.

Recently, a team of researchers from the university worked on snowmelt & long greenery season caused due to climate change which showcased that the above-specified factors are not the prominent cause of increment in carbon sequestration. Data of 11 tundra ecosystems from the varied Arctic regions such as Greenland Russia, Alaska & Canada were utilized for this diligent research. This research showing accurate results was needed because people believed that a longer period of growth & plant productivity leads to a rapid increase in the carbon sequestration in the summer, which didn’t term to be the correct reason at all. To Be more precise, researchers state that carbon sequestration is a synchronized process that is implemented for capturing & storing huge volumes of atmospheric carbon.

With this research performed by the University of Sheffield ( Team of Researchers ), it was proved that Earlier Snowmelt & Arctic Greenery didn’t increase the carbon sequestration in Northern Arctic regions but at times it affected the same for a slight timeline at the end of yearly period. In relevance with the same topic, Scientific Reports also published its own set of results which depicted that loss in carbon sequestration takes place in August despite Carbon Dioxide increment which happens in June & July respectively.

The lead author of this research; Dr Donatella Zona ( School of the Biosciences ~ University of Sheffield; Department of Biology ~ San Diego State University) stated that due to the weather change there’s a significant impact on the Arctic Warming, Arctic Greenery & Earlier Snowmelt which ultimately leads to modifications in the atmosphere carbon available in the Arctic region. She also stated that this result showcased that sudden increment in carbon sequestration due to Arctic Greenery & Longer Plant Growth Period would not occur in the future if the tundra ecosystem available in that region didn’t absorb the carbon sequestration. As per her, final results would be concluded on the collective response of Arctic Carbon Balance to Climate Change by analyzing all the essential parameters from the scratch.

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