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University of Southampton leads in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022

University of Southampton leads in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022

We all know that with the evolution of academic departments there’s a huge competition between universities from all over the globe to stand best from one another. This has eventually led to a rise in the implementation of better facilities within the universities & not to forget that UK universities are top-notch a degree pursued from a state-of-art UK university like the University of Southampton holds great value, career opportunities, worldwide recognition, additional networking growth and much more that are a few reasons why Indian students set sail for the University of Southampton for higher studies.

In today’s discussion, we’re here to talk about the ‘University of Southampton’ in terms of its rankings in the competitive world which is one of the few prestigious universities located in the UK. This time in ‘QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022’ it was seen that 6 of its subjects secured place under the ‘Top 50’ list which is a really big achievement for the university. These results are proof that the university has enforced advanced methods for teaching the students. The numbers increased in comparison to 2021 which is a sheer reward for the university.For detailed information have a look below at the rankings secured by the subjects worldwide & in the UK.

Subject  UK  Globally 
Archaeology  7th 31st 
Statistics and Operational Research 7th  34th 
Earth and Marine Sciences  9th  43rd 
Geology  9th  48th
Geophysics  9th  49th 
Nursing  2nd  5th

Though the list does not end here as apart from the above specified 6 subjects there were other 6 subjects which got listed under ‘Top 100’ for delivering quality optimized education consistently to the students studying at the university. In total, 12 subjects got listed under the ‘Top 100’ in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022. Also being amongst the ‘Top 100’ universities globally it showcases that the university exhibits versatile qualities such as interdisciplinary thinking, inventive education, outstanding facilities and exploration & curiosity which are way beyond impressive factors for gathering the student traffic to the university. Though the main characteristic which makes Southampton outshine all the other universities is that it allows all of its students to improve and encourages them to do better in life. It also works generously to bring everyone together to resolve the unwanted global challenges arising in society and stands strong until a permanent solution is developed to isolate that problem.This strengthens the bond and brings people closer whilst letting them grow together and individually which would ultimately make this world a better place.Have a look below at the rankings secured by the other batch of subjects; however, from this list of rankings ,Medicine has secured 71st rank whereas Psychology has been ranked 98th globally.

Subject  UK
Engineering – Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacture 6th 
Engineering & Technology  7th
Physics & Astronomy  7th 
Engineering – Electrical and Electronics  7th 

For this achievement, Professor Mark E.Smith congratulated the university and further stated that as a recognised educational institution the ‘University of Southampton’ strives to shine bright in everything they do for the betterment of the students. He also congratulated all the staff and students who are a part of the university and have contributed to raising the ranking of the subjects which ultimately depicts the university’s excellence in all these subjects. These results stand out as an honest reflection of the university’s performance globally amongst peers, renowned collaborators, staff and other team members who have classified the ‘University of Southampton’ as one of the top-notch universities worldwide.

Seeing ‘University of Southampton’ receive so much appreciation from the leading rewarding bodies are truly overwhelming for all the staff & students who are members of this university. The spectacular performance of the subjects is commendable and it shows how hard academic professors work to provide the world’s best class education to the students. The experts make sure that all the students gain thorough proficiency in the subjects related to their course and score decent grades which upgrade their academic performance and land them with fantastic job opportunities which offer them a decent pay scale and progressive work environment.

If you’re a budding student who’s interested in studying abroad then let’s assure you that the ‘University of Southampton’ is the best educational hub you can ask for and everyone here from staff, management, other students & student union members are equally supportive of each other throughout university life. For more information about the university book a free consultation call with Speak2University experts or have a look at popular courses taught here and let our experts know if you wish to enroll for the same.



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