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University of Southampton’s PhD Student Publishes Research Paper on Jetstream

University of Southampton’s PhD Student Publishes Research Paper on Jetstream

Diving into research & bringing evolution has always been the forte of  the ‘University of Southampton’ which makes them listed under the category of best research-intensive universities in the UK. Keeping up the constant pace, they have added a new research feather in their cap which revolves around jet stream & its fundamentals.

Southampton’s latest research on ‘Winter Jet Stream’ showcases that their average speed has accelerated by 8% to 132 miles per/hour in the North Atlantic & Eurasia region. It’s known to be the same ‘Jet Stream’ which blasted storms in the Dudley, Eunice & Franklin region of the UK and instantly moved towards the north direction by 330 kilometres which sounds unbelievable. Scientists working on this research stated that the specific findings are relatable to the 141 years from 1871 to 2011.

Climate Dynamics published a detailed study report in which a comparison of the ‘Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream’ across various oceans and continents demonstrated that the ongoing trend of jet streams constantly differs at a regional & seasonal basis. There was no increase in the movement of jet stream latitude in the North Pacific from 1871 to 2011 but it slightly varied in the North Atlantic region as per the research. It was observed that average winter movement in ‘Jet Stream’ latitude ranged from 44° to 47° in the North with an increase in speed by 10 miles per/hour.

Dr Samantha Hallam from Maynooth University (Ireland) worked on this research analysis while pursuing her PhD at the University of Southampton. She stated that during this research significant increment in the winter jet latitude and their speed was observed in the North Atlantic & Eurasia region of the UK. As per her study, all these changes taking place are consistent due to the decrease & increase in pressure & temperature as observed between the equator & Arctic during a certain period. Somewhere, these changes are also interlinked with Warm Arctic Winters.

She also said that though there was no increase in the motion of winter jet stream latitude in the North Pacific region, significant observations seen in the North Pacific Sea temperature simplified 50% of change which took place in ‘Jet Stream’ latitude.

This study demonstrated that results differ in North America, Pacific, Atlantic & Eurasia regions of the UK. Moreover, it’s the longest regional study on ‘Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream’ which helps in making beneficial climate predictions along with working on convenient methods to combat climate change.

This example shows that the University of Southampton nourishes the acumen of students and enables them to reach their full potential while performing research or attaining life-changing employment opportunities by providing excellent facilities and funding opportunities.96% of the Research from the University of Southampton is rated as world-leading & internationally excellent in the (REF) Research Excellence Framework 2014. It’s surely one of the top choices of students who want to study in the UK in the department of their choice due to it’s immensely popular course content & versatile amenities. Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 also ranked them 8th in the UK for ‘Research Intensity’ for providing excellent quality of research amongst the UK higher education institutions which is fairly commendable.

Southampton has also achieved a significant landmark for Research Excellence & Employability by getting ranked at 77th position in QS World University Rankings 2022.Wish to study at ‘University of Southampton’ in the upcoming intake? Book a consultation call with Speak2University experts & get enrolled in the course of your choice! Good Luck.

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