University of Nottingham’s Research on Chocolate gets Spotlighted

University of Nottingham’s Research on Chocolate gets Spotlighted

The University of Nottingham is always behind in performing unique research and this time it has done something unusual again by working on research relevance with chocolate. In terms of innovative research, the University of Nottingham has always been instinctive in performing research which is up to the mark. For its effective contribution in the research field, they have also been ranked jointly 7th in the UK by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 which is a big success for the university management. Apart from these accomplishments, they have also received the TEF Gold Award (Teaching Excellence Framework Gold Award) in June 2017 for constantly delivering informative teaching and learning facilities to the students.

Talking about this exhibition of this research well the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition” – London featured this research where the audience got to know how every other chocolate has a unique aroma and a different flavor. This research also involved teamwork & proper coordination of various chocolate firms, of which one of them stated that it’s indeed a great learning experience and they enjoyed being a part of this research. The exhibition went on full swing from 6th July 2022 and lasted till 10th July 2022.

Moreover, we all know that chocolate is everyone’s favorite sweet therapy and people munch on it every once in a while after lunch or dinner to satisfy their sweet cravings. Though people eat it for enjoyment they’re unaware of the basic science behind it which is way more interesting to know. As per the university sources, the researchers from the ‘University of Nottingham’ worked on examining the basic fermentation procedure of cacao to find out in which way the microbes impact the chocolate flavor. With the help of this fermentation procedure, the researchers formulated several new flavors for the chocolate manufacturers ultimately increasing the choices for the people with different taste palettes.

The research study also included the implementation of DNA sequences for finding out how numerous types of yeast and bacteria affect the signature taste and unique flavor of the chocolate. As discussed above various chocolate firms were involved in it one was a Chocolate Maker from Nottingham and the other one was a Group of Colombian Cocoa Female Farmers who actively took part in this research & created assorted decent flavors & rates for the upcoming bunch of chocolate items.

About this research, Dr David Gopaulchan stated that it’s amazing to see that chocolate research from the University of Nottingham was presented in the “Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition – London” where multiple visitors had arrived to understand the actual science which leads to taste and flavor of the chocolates. With the advancement in the latest technologies, the visitors are also got to feel the essence of real cacao plants and trees apart from watching real videos of cacao forms.

He further said that testing chocolate samples were provided to all the visitors by a chocolate company known as “Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate” which works with multiple chocolate project farms located in Thailand & Colombia respectively. The “Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate” spokesperson also gave their opinion on being a part of this research project and stated that it’s been a wonderful journey so far. Although, he’s also hoping that through this exhibition people must have understand how much effort it takes to manufacture a bar of chocolate from scratch which includes the entire procedure, extracting the one from a tree and then putting it into the fermentation procedure for letting it develop into a refined product. The main context of the exhibition was to let the visitors test different chocolate samples so that they understand how all the chocolates have different flavors unique from each other.

Knowledge Hour: Colombia has a maximum population of cacao farms and that’s the reason various chocolate firms have partnered with the farm owners out there. 

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