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University of Nottingham honoured with “Green Flag Awards” for two different campus areas

University of Nottingham honoured with “Green Flag Awards” for two different campus areas

Studying in a picturesque university which is built in & around amazing infrastructure endowed with a world class faculty is a dream for various students who move abroad for higher studies. It’s seen that these days students take the campus area also as a major criteria along with academic accolades when selecting a university apart from choosing their favorite course. That’s the prominent reason universities are focusing more on developing their infrastructure with the objective of creating a safe, secure & sustainable campus environment for the regional & international students, staff & other university members.

Talking about today’s update, we’re going to talk about the 2 magnificent campuses built by the ‘University of Nottingham’ which are quite popular as compared to the other campuses of the university. For their sustainable, clean & green environment both these universities have been honored with “Green Flag Awards” which seems to be a praiseworthy moment for them. The pleasing green environment which spreads all over the campus area offers a soothing vibe to the peers & one can easily chill & walk around in any of the campus areas without any disturbance. In precise terms, “Green Flag Awards” is an honorable global integrity awarded to those universities who showcase sustainably enriched natural environments full of playful parks, comfortable spaces, wildlife, gardens etc. 

The University of Nottingham is famous for its sustainable campus area along with 2208 UK universities which sum up their place in the crowd. If we talk about these two campuses then the ‘University Park Campus’ is located in the main area whereas the Jubilee Campus’ is a bit far away from the former one & is the main area for the School of Computer Science, Nottingham Business School & School of Education. The ‘University of Nottingham’ is one such educational hub which makes sure that apart from academics developing a nature-friendly environment is also necessary for the betterment of the university. That’s the reason the entire volunteering fraternity from the university gives their 100% effort to preserve a greener space for everyone residing within the campus area. Ultimately, this award given to both the campuses is the result of hard work, commitment & dedication put in by the volunteering members who constantly make sure that the vibrant green space of the university is maintained and upgraded regularly whilst matching the standards set by the “Green Flag Awards” for winning this award. 

Both of these campuses have also been honored with this award previously and have been the constant winner for the same. The ‘University Park Campus’ has been awarded this reward for the 18th time whereas ‘Jubilee Campus’ has been a regular winner in this category since 2017. If we visually compare both the campus areas then the former is filled with unique variations of trees, contemporary garden spaces, elegant flowers, meadows, and awestruck landscapes whereas the latter is a space surrounded by 4 watery lakes being the perfect relaxing area for the evening timeline. One can also witness certain wildlife habitats in the Jubilee Campus whilst enjoying the sunset and nearby area. The ‘University Park Campus’ also comprises a variety of parks ,i.e, Jekyll & Millennium Garden which is another masterpiece area of the university where easy breezy leaves are flying all over the campus area.

This achievement has been secured by the university after two long years which is a big time though. It has also been stated that during the pandemic timeline these campuses were the leisure area for the staff & students and often many people were seen walking or sitting around at a distance in these campus areas. It became the major center of attraction due to its peaceful aura and individuals would also spend some time in these campus areas with their dear ones apart from exercising, walking & playing games here. A serene place for contemplation, thought processing and analysis. One can easily do a number of activities in these eco-friendly campus areas without worrying about anything else. As said above, all this is because of the significant effort put in by the university management to maintain the natural surroundings. For this accomplishment, one of the renowned magazine spokespeople congratulated everyone from the university who has genuinely contributed to making these campuses desirable for two “Green Flag Awards” every day. 

Want to study at such an incredible campus which offers its students the world’s best facilities? If Yes then choosing the ‘University of Nottingham’ as your dream university is surely the best choice which you would make in your life. Studying here is going to be the best timeline of your life because the university management makes sure that all their students are happy with what they’re accessing at the university campus during their study duration. The management also makes sure that students are 100% satisfied with the facilities provided to them & the campus area shines bright always. Trust us when we say that you’ll surely feel you in nature’s utopia when you come to study at any of the campuses of the ‘University of Nottingham’ because of the homely vibe offered here to the students. Apart from this, the university is also known for  highest ranking courses globally, do have a look & let Speak2University experts help you if you wish to enroll for the same. This university is the top choice for many students and we’re helping students with the enrolment procedure for the upcoming intake.


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