An Intelligent guide to save money for your Masters in UK while working in India

If you’re planning on studying abroad, then it’s likely that you’ll need to save money for expenses like tuition fees and living costs. This can be especially difficult when you’re also working full-time while studying. It’s hard enough to save money while you’re studying but it’s especially difficult if you’re saving while working and studying simultaneously. This can make saving […]

University of Bristol funds a Menstrual Cup & Cleaner Start-up

The topic ‘Menstruation’ has been an elusive subject for the longest period as society considered it taboo however with changing times our society has been more acceptable and open discussions about menstruation are now welcomed in the scientific community. This has been a combined effort of the social strata as various NGOs and other social organizations have come to the forefront to […]

UK & India sign MoU agreement to promote each other’s high-quality education system

In this era of the modern generation, students are constantly attracted towards versatile learning whilst gaining practical knowledge so that it benefits them in the long run. The education system is highly synchronized worldwide & it’s dependent on the student where they wish to study for building their knowledge proficiency. If we analyze the education system of the UK & India then […]

8 Things International Students Relate to Who Study at Swansea University

Swansea University is a beautiful institution that deserves the whole focus. There is no other university in the United Kingdom that offers Freshers Fortnight instead of Freshers Week, “Refreshers Week ” in the 2nd semester, and the most significant ‘Varsity Tournament’ in Wales. Swansea has also received a bunch of prestigious awards out of which one is TEF Gold for […]

UK Visa: Types, Application and Status Checking

The residents from various countries who wish to visit UK for study, work, business, the movement business, or join a family member or assistant/partner can apply for the UK Visa through the online Application. Contingent upon the kind of Visa, the candidate will be asked to fill in a particular sort of visa application structure in English, pay the visa […]

Post Study Work Visa UK: 2 Years Work Visa

July, 1st onwards, international students will get an excellent opportunity to stay in the United Kingdom even after their studies are completed. Every student who has completed their graduation or post-graduation can apply for two years work Visa and stay in the United Kingdom for better career opportunities.  Adding to that, scholars with a Ph.D. degree can have a similar […]

Post Graduation in the United Kingdom: Application Process Explained

After graduation, you have a two-way road ahead of you, i.e., either doing a job or pursuing further studies. If you wish to attain a postgraduate degree from the United Kingdom and you are still unsure about the application process, you are in good luck. Let’s see how one can apply for admission to a postgraduate course in the UK. […]