University of Bristol funds a Menstrual Cup & Cleaner Start-up

University of Bristol funds a Menstrual Cup & Cleaner Start-up

The topic ‘Menstruation’ has been an elusive subject for the longest period as society considered it taboo however with changing times our society has been more acceptable and open discussions about menstruation are now welcomed in the scientific community. This has been a combined effort of the social strata as various NGOs and other social organizations have come to the forefront to create awareness about this topic by organizing small talks, group discussions, debates & campaigns. Also, if there’s a talk about menstruation then how can we forget menstruation cups and other hygiene products related to it? Well, all the products which are used during menstruation by women serve as a boon but in today’s date & time , it is imperative that we reduce the waste burden. Researchers state that using menstrual cups is much better compared to sanitary napkins. The reason is that menstrual cups are reusable, washable & can be easily cleaned by a disinfectant post which it’s dried for further usage.

Though it’s emphasized more to use menstrual cups women still fear a lot as they’re not aware of how to insert them properly which ultimately leads to less usage of menstrual cups. Apart from this, another factor why women don’t use menstrual cups is the cleaning process as most women find it very difficult. Though the first problem could be resolved with relevant guidance the second problem needed a realistic solution so two PG (postgraduate) students named Miss Kira Goode & Miss Monica Wai from the ‘University of Bristol’ opted to work on it & ultimately invented something beneficial for cleaning the menstrual cups. Moreover, the best part above all is that they have won £75,000 funding from the university for their product,i.e, ‘Cup2 Portable Menstrual Cup & Cleaning Case’ so that they can start working on the same and make the process of cleansing menstrual cup easier for the women using them.

When asked about their project then one of them quoted saying that they had started working on this project with a vision of improvising the lives of women and that’s also what we have discussed in the above section of this content. She also said that manufacturing of Cup2 will require very less plastic & will also save around £564 for every woman for the next 5 years which means that it’s a nature-friendly product & is economically beneficial for women.

The two students or we can say the budding female entrepreneurs also stated that they are looking ahead to patenting their project too as they wish to showcase it to the entire community in the upcoming months as this would generate more awareness about this “Menstrual Cup Cleanser” all across the globe. For that, they’ll be using £11,500 from the funding amount for the patent procedure as to launching the product in the market by June 2023.About this project; Miss Goode stated that these menstrual cups will be designed for every shape & size without any discrimination as there are certain menstrual cups in the market which fit only certain sizes & they don’t wish to follow the same. She said that Cup2 is manufactured with a concept so that it fits every woman easily and leaves a positive impact on society. Moreover, she & Miss Monica have also thought of donating a Cup2 on sale of each unit which is another good strategy for creating awareness about it within society.

Talking about this funding received from the ‘University of Bristol Start-up Funding’; Miss Monica Wai ( PG Student – Integrated Masters in Management with Innovation ) stated that she’s extremely delighted on receiving this funding and it seems like all the hard work done by them has led to a phenomenal result. She also stated that their core aim is to improvise the lives of women and isolate the taboo which revolves around the period in today’s generation. With the development of this product, they are aiming to reduce plastic usage in the environment which is one-of-a-kind thinking for nature’s survival. Her teammate, Miss Kira Goode ( PG Student – Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Innovation ) joined her in the discussion and said that this product is going to bring some significant changes in the life of menstruators whilst changing their perception about using the menstrual cup and in future they’re looking forward to motivating more and more women to use Cup2 instead of sanitary napkins.

With all this, it’s quite obvious that the ‘University of Bristol’ is quite straightforward with its bunch of choices when it comes to funding universities. The university knows the prominent importance of menstrual cups which women use during their menstruation cycle so funding this startup venture is a good initiative taken forward by the university management. This university always invests in projects which could benefit the global community in the longer run.

It also rocks in terms of academics, research and extracurricular activities apart from funding startups for a good cause. So if you’re keen on studying at a world-renowned UK university then ‘University of Bristol’ is the perfect match for you because this university not only provides theoretical knowledge to the students but it also shapes up the professional career graph of the students by getting them placed at leading international companies. In case you’re wondering how to make it possible, you just need to book a consultation call with Speak2University experts and they’ll resolve all your queries effortlessly whilst getting you enrolled in the course of your dreams. You can also check out popular courses taught here in the below-mentioned list and let our experts know if anything works out for you.


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