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  • International students get benefitted from the intellectual & research-led courses taught at the university which enables them to nurture their minds alongside building up their personal goals to serve the nation.
  • Bristol holds the highest student employability rate and provides outstanding job opportunities to both the PG & UG students at Airbus, Rolls Royce, BBC, KPMG, PwC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Apple etc.
  • £2 million scholarship funds have been introduced by the university to support the international students who exhibit excellent academic growth.
  • Courses from the 'Law Department' are accredited by 'Bar Council of India' which is a great opportunity for the students.
  • Magic Circle (law firms) hire fresh & talented graduates regularly from the university ( Legal Cheek).
  • Law school at the university is also ranked 46th in all across the globe, which is  commendable.
  • 83% of Research from the University of Bristol is recognised either as world-leading or internationally excellent. ( Source: Research Excellence Framework 2014)
  • Bristol has become the central hub for startups incorporation with SETSquared, which is known as the No. 1 university business incubator globally.
  • Till now 2,500 UK Startups have been supported by Bristol's SETsquared initiative.
  • It also comes under UK's 'Top 5' Research Universities & has also secured a Joint 5th place with Oxford University.
  • Bristol comprises the largest aerospace engineering complex all across Europe.
  • 25% of the World’s Natural History programmes get executed at BBC Natural History Unit which is situated beside the right side of the university campus.
  • Silicon George at Bristol builds a triangle of technical hub between Bristol, Sweden & Gloucester.
  • Implementation of creative media, technology, electronics & aerospace engineering industries has led to the development of the modern economy at the University of Bristol.
  • It's also known as the hotspot for leading international technology, engineering & media industries.
  • Various renowned firms such as Oracle, Siemens, Toshiba, BBC, HP Labs, Sony, Airbus, Rolls Royce, AXA, PwC call Bristol as their second home as they have built their initial firms in this city.
  • The University of Bristol is the 1st higher education institution in the UK that has allowed both genders to enrol for education on an equal basis.
  • It offers a vibrant environment with an essence of sophisticated charm & serenity to the students.
  • Students have access to a thriving culture that introduces them to new aspects of international culture.
  • Specialised team of career experts guide the students to choose the right career pathway in relevance with their interests.
  • Team of researchers, graduates & students are always at the forefront to bring a social, political & cultural change in the surroundings by working on the projects that bring a positive change in the society.
  • In terms of rankings, the University of Bristol is ranked 62nd in the QS World University Rankings 2022.
  • Topmost UK recruiters have stated them as the 'Top 10' targeted universities in the UK.
  • National Geographic Traveller has ranked them '11th' in the World's Cool List Destinations.
  • 32 subjects of the course curriculum from Bristol have been highly rated in the 'World's Top 100' in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021.
  • Another batch of 11 subjects also made it to the 'World's Top 50' list in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021.
  • Skilled team of researchers have worked together to overcome & resolve the challenges arising due to the global pandemic.
  • It has been ranked as 9th,14th & 58th simultaneously amongst the list of best universities by QS World Rankings 2021.
  • Students are motivated to learn the latest skills & technologies for excelling in the future as successful professionals.
  • Implementation of sustainability is seen everywhere from research, student life, campus experience, placements to detailed course curriculum at the university.
  • Experts have made successful evolutions in the research areas of cot death prevention & nanotechnology with the help of the latest techniques & equipment.
  • The university has published a series of 10 portraits to celebrate the achievement of notable Bristol women who have brought a fabulous change in the institution & all across the globe.
  • Supporting women empowerment runs amongst the veins of the university.
  • Management always focuses more on promoting education & job opportunities for female candidates.
  • Institutional committee for 'Anti-Racism' was published in 2020 by the university which strives to explain the perspective of race equality to society.
  • QS Graduate Employability Rankings have ranked them 49th out of 768 educational institutions situated worldwide for supporting the employability factor for the students.
  • Students who have graduated from this educational institution have secured jobs in leading multinational companies.
  • Bristol has also been referred to as the university which has the maximum number of employed graduates in the entire nation.
  • 95.8% of the students indulged in full or part-time employment after one year of graduation period as per the 'Graduate Employment Rate' Survey.
  • Bristol Alumni have been asserted as the highest-paid graduates in the UK by Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO).
  • In September 2021, the University of Bristol was awarded an Exclusive Global Employers’ Choice Award by GUCCU for providing excellent career opportunities to students during the global pandemic.
  • 13 renowned academic professors from different departments have received the Nobel Prizes for their achievement in work.
  • UBI Global has ranked them consecutively for the third year in a row as the No.1 global business incubator for its fabulous contribution in developing the batch of successful tech entrepreneurs.
  • Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 ranked Bristol amongst the top research universities in the UK.
  • 40% of the courses are accredited by known professional bodies, who have complimented the detailed course curriculum, sustainable environment & learning output exhibited by the students.
  • In short, students have access to everything from versatile IT equipment, libraries, comfortable study spaces, accommodation, sporting facilities & various extracurricular activities which lets them witness a lifetime experience at the university during the study duration.


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Last updated on February 10, 2022

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