Pre-Departure UK Guide for International StudentsKnow about Pre-Departure UK Guide for International Students with Speak2University

Are you wondering about traveling to the UK to pursue your education? In that case, we suggest you go through this content which covers all the essential factors which an international student should keep in mind before traveling to the UK. 

When should I travel to the UK & what to expect from the UK weather? 

You should travel to the UK as per your schedule priority and follow all the necessary Covid-19 guidelines implemented for international traveling purposes. If you are talking about the weather, the best time to travel to the UK is spring and autumn. The spring is between late March and June, and autumn is between September to November. In the spring, you will see spring flowers blossomed all over the UK, and in autumn, you will witness the leaves changing hue. Although July and August are the hottest seasons in the UK & January is the coldest hence it's better to avoid them.

Any Insurance Required?  

It's mandatory to have valid travel medical insurance for traveling to the UK. You cannot take out private healthcare insurance as an alternative for paying health immigration surcharges as immigration surcharges are mandatory fees included within the visa application.

UK Travel Document Checklist 

The travel document varies for people of different nationalities. In general, Passengers who are 18 and above need a valid identity card at the airport checkpoint. If you are traveling within the UK, it's advised to carry a photogenic identification card. If you are not from VISA exempt country, you need to carry a UK visa, which should be valid for the length of your stay.

Important Covid-19 Guidelines

Students aged 17 and under who are fully vaccinated need not require pre-departure tests and 10 days self-isolation on arrival, effective from February 11, 2022. However, the fully vaccinated passengers must submit an online passenger locator form and get tested within one or two days of their arrival. For unvaccinated passengers, pre-departure testing is compulsory, which should be taken 2- days before arrival in the UK. Upon arrival, they must take a PCR test within two days of arrival and should quarantine themselves until they get a negative report.

Essential Items to Pack for UK Trip

It would be best to pack according to the weather, but a few things mentioned below should always be in your bag.

  • A Windproof Travel Umbrella- The UK has unpredictable weather, and it is always a good idea to be prepared then feeling stuck.
  • Power Adapters- Electronics are an indispensable part of our lives, so it's essential to charge them so don't forget them.
  • Secure VPN- International travel increases the risk of data breaches. So, take precautions if you are using unfamiliar Wi-Fi.
  • Essentials like- Toiletries, travel ponchos, reusable water bottles, photography gear, comfortable footwear, and weather-friendly clothes

Flights and Accommodation for UK Travel

Sometimes you can get lucky in finding a great deal at the last minute, but you cannot rely on them. It is advisory to plan your flight accordingly and always opt for flight insurance. For accommodations, you can opt for hotels, camping, a cottage, or a caravan; even staying on boat camps is a good option. The British countryside is embedded with breath-taking waterways. So, depending on your priority and budget, you can opt for any of them. 

Final Words

If you need any assistance studying in the UK or getting a job with further studies, you can always count on Speak2University Counselors. Our team will provide you with all the information about the same and will also answer your travel-related queries related to UK travel.


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