Genuine Reasons Which Make India the Best Educational Hub Top reasons to study in India

India itself is a place full of diversified cultures and languages where people from all over the world come to witness its epitome beauty and grace.From kids to older people everyone here shares common thoughts on traditional values & knows very well what it takes to respect each other.It's a dream come true to live here & bonus points if you choose to study in India because ultimately we all know that along with everything else Indian Government provides the best educational value to its students along with additional privileges.Taking forward the same context, we will now talk about the highlighting reasons due to which Indian students choose to attain their further education in India.

Ample Number of Scholarships 
In terms of scholarships, there are university-specific scholarships that are offered by the Indian universities to the students who exhibit an excellent academic career.State-wise scholarships are also offered by the Indian universities to the students who have domicile of that particular state and have been residing their since last 10 years.Moreover, there are different scholarships for undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG) & Doctoral (PhD) degrees & depending on the course fees & accomodation requirement students can apply for the scholarships. Although,to know more about the scholarships offered by Indian universities you can get in touch with Speak2University experts.

#1 UGC & NAAC ++ Recognized Universities
We all know that accreditation holds a huge value when choosing a university in India or anywhere abroad for studying purposes.In this case,India secures its place successfully as most of its universities have been NAAC accredited & also provide beneficial learning experiences to the students both in terms of theoretical & practical concepts.Amity University(Noida),Manipal University (Jaipur),SRM Institute of Science and Technology, ICFAI University(Dehradun) ,few of the IIT's & IIM's & numerous other prestigious Indian universities have successfully received NAAC++ accreditation from the respective authorities.

Affordable Living Expenses
Studying in India comes with a benefit that if a student gets a college nearby their home then one can stay at their home which eventually cuts down the cost of accommodation & releases a sigh of relief for the students. Although, if a student wishes to stay in the hostel then it's their own choice.In terms of government universities, the living & tuition fee expenses are way too low. Though the amount is massive in private universities, students studying at such universities can look for sharing accommodation outside the campus with their friends at an affordable price. 

Extravagant Campus Life & Celebration
Getting enrolled in the university is fairly a new experience but it becomes interesting when you make new friends. As a student, one gets to interact with mates from different regions & nationalities of India which eventually increases their friend circle & helps them to make new friends.Huge bunch of cultural fests are organised by the Indian universities every year to motivate the students to take part in extracurricular activities.Competitions in relevance with fashion, dance, music, debate, acting etc are held at the university in which students from various other Indian universities take part too.

College Placement Opportunities 
Corporate firms such as Reliance Jio, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst and Young, Accenture, American Express & many more hire fresh graduates from renowned Indian universities as students who have studied here tend to exhibit spectacular talent & professional skills.Various placement fairs are held at the university where students need to clear specific sets of interview rounds for getting the job of their dreams. 

Above all, it's our motherland & what can be better than studying here alongside having access to all the basic educational amenities.There's so much to learn apart from gaining a degree from a recognised university. As a student one not only expedites their career graph but also gets introduced to conventional values & learns more about it.With so much discussion about Indian universities & core significance of this place,we're pretty sure that you wish to study here too.If you are a budding high school student who wishes to join college next year or looking forward to a master's degree then get in touch with Speak2University experts to know more about the top-notch universities in India that offer the course of your choice.

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