UK Post Arrival Checklist for International Students Know about Post Arrival Checklist for international students moving to the UK with Speak2University

Are you planning to study in the UK? Have you chosen your favourite course in the university of your choice? Are your tickets booked? If yes, read this guidance blog written to help you with the post-arrival checklist in the UK.

Do's on Staying in the UK as an International Student

  • Get yourself registered for a General Practitioner. It is usually free of cost and comprises entire medical records relevant for health purposes.
  • Get yourself registered for a National Insurance Number. It is free for students and provides them with legal permission to work in the UK.
  • Look out for scholarships and plan your educational & personal funds wisely.
  • Search for part-time job opportunities through which you can fund yourself monetarily.
  • Sort your accommodation before your arrival to avoid last-minute ruckus.

Don'ts on Staying in the UK as an International Student

  • Getting a UK visa can be tricky sometimes; it's advised not to book your flight before getting your visa approved from the Visa office. In case of visa assistance, Speak2University counsellors are always there to help the students.
  • If you are on a student visa, don't take a break from studying, as it may affect your visa.
  • You can work part-time but make sure you are not overworking and compromising your studies.
  • Don't live a lavish life; you are a student, maintain your budget, and if you have some extra to spare, then use it to travel around the EU.

What is required for Immigration once you reach the UK?

Once you reach the UK, show the necessary documents to the immigration centre. It includes- your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), offer letter from the university, recent bank statements, and your accommodation details. Then you collect your luggage, and once it passes through the custom controls, you continue your journey ahead.

How to manage mobile and calling cards?

Different telecom providers have different tariff plans for international calls. Compare all the plans offered by the telecom provider and then choose the calling card for yourself. Also, make sure to get reviews from your pals so that you can choose the best network provider without any issues.

Travel Guide to Reach the University

Be well-versed in the different ways to reach your campus and choose accordingly. Some universities send their campus ambassadors during the international welcome season, so look out for such programs run by your college. Students who go abroad through Speak2University stay in constant touch with our counsellors & specific university delegates and all of us make sure that the student reaches at the university easily at the relevant time.

How to Register with a Local Doctor?

The process is fairly simple. Call Primary Care Support England on 0333 014 2884 for guidance, or visit a practice close to your home and get some information about being a patient. 

What is a Biometric Residence permit BRP?

BRP Is a secure identity card comprising personal details and biometric information for people with more than a 6-month visa.

How to open a bank account in the UK and make transactions?

You can open a bank account at a branch or online. Most banks are likely to ask for the following documents from the students.

  • Passport/valid photo ID
  • Proof of employment (some banks may ask for this)
  • A recent bank or credit card statement
  • Proof of studying in the UK (if applying for a student account)

Many standard bank accounts in the UK can be opened within 1-2 days. For making international transactions, different banks charge different amounts. Before choosing the Bank, be well versed with their service charges.


Wrapping up the blog with the thought that all your queries are answered here. You can fill up the inquiry form and talk to our professional counsellors directly associated with the UK's top universities for more assistance and guidance.

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