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Are you someone who wants to study in the UK? Or are you currently studying in the UK and looking for accommodation there? If yes, then here we are to clear all your doubts related to student life and accommodation facilities in the UK. We have covered everything you need to know, from finding a private student accommodation to On-Campus accommodation along with the additional facilities provided to the students.

How do I find Accommodation in the UK?

The best way to find accommodation in the UK is to narrow down your search. Make things clear in your mind, like what kind of accommodation you are looking for staying purpose. Look out for accommodation near your university and make sure that you can get the daily essentials nearby. All you need to do is make a list and search for the accommodation that fits best for you.

Where can I find Private Student Accommodation in the UK?

If you are looking for private student accommodation, you should start looking for people who are part of the accreditation scheme and provide private accommodation to students. This way you will get accommodation with good facilities. If you are looking for accommodation in Wales, don't forget to check the property registration documents before moving there.

Where can I find Cheap Accommodation in the UK?

Studying abroad is costly; therefore, it's better to research through local people, ex-alumins or authorised student help centres to find good accommodation in the UK. The cheapest accommodation is the one where you can live for free. You can reach out to family or friends in the UK if you are looking for short-term accommodation. Otherwise, you can search for certain rented apartments that provide affordable accommodation to the students. You can also opt to rent a place with other students or your friends so that you only have to pay a share of the rent. This tends to be a better option as it helps students save a lot of money.

How much is the Charge for Accommodation in London/ Outer London?

Accommodation cost in London depends upon the area you choose to live in. If you are on a budget, you can go for a furnished flat in an average area that will cost you around £1,200 per month, but a furnished apartment in a posh area might cost £2500 per month. Students can also look out for university halls that are way cheaper than private accommodations.

Which is the Cheapest City in the UK?

The list of cheapest cities in the UK for students includes Warwick, where you can get two-bedroom accommodation for £119. Other than Warwick, students can also look out for cheap and budget-friendly accommodations in Sterling, Coventry, Lancaster, Newcastle, Belfast, Cardiff, and Dundee. The most you will need to pay is less than £200, and you can get all the facilities required at very low rates.

What types of Accommodations are available?

Four types of accommodations are best-fit for students, i.e., university halls, private student halls, private rooms, and homestays. University halls have mess shared bathrooms and are the best choice for students new to the UK. Private halls are similar to university halls but managed by other organisations. Private rooms are rented accommodations where you can live with a group of people or alone if you want. Lastly, homestays are the option when you want to stay with a family and get a homely feel. This can be a good exposure to their culture, and you might find it with less rent.

How much does Accommodation Cost in a month?

The monthly accommodation cost in the UK for students depends upon the kind of accommodation they are choosing. The average cost varies from £900 to £1500, including average accommodation costs and other expenses spent by the students. Living in university halls may cost around £600 monthly, including mess bills, laundry, etc. At the same time, private accommodation can cost up to £550 without including the bills.

Is On-campus Accommodation Available?

Yes, universities provide on-campus accommodations to students known as university halls. These accommodations are budget-friendly and provide food, shared or single rooms, communal bathrooms, laundry services, library facilities to the students. The rent of on-campus accommodation includes the rent and other bills. It costs around £600 approximately every month.

Final Verdict

We hope this article has solved most of your queries about accommodation in the UK. If you are a student and planning to go to the UK for further studies, you should do your homework and create your lists, including shortlisted accommodations, monthly budget, etc. For detailed information, you can connect with Speak2University counsellors who will help you to fetch the accommodation of your choice in the UK.

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