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Consider a degree from a British university as an investment in your future.Students who choose to study in the United Kingdom tend to  have a bright, rewarding, and exciting future ahead.Due to the high employability of graduates,who advance more quickly and earn more than their colleagues who received their education elsewhere,UK  is the most popular choice for international students. 

According to official government statistics, over half a million overseas students lived in the United Kingdom last year.Studying in the UK has become increasingly popular around the world.The United Kingdom has an advantage over other English-speaking countries for enticing international students because of its spectacular academics & world-class institutions.In 2019, UK welcomed more than 500,000 overseas students,if you didn't already know. Top Universities interviewed three overseas students to determine why the UK is a popular study destination.Out of various cities in the UK, some of them are high in demand & are most preferred for studying by the international students.Checkout some of them below.


London is a city where you can explore many things because of the city's diversity. The days of bland,flavorless food are behind.In addition to the traditional meals being better than ever, it is now easier to experience dishes worldwide in a restaurant, grocery store, or street food markets.Numerous other factors contribute to the city's unique character. When you're out and about in the city, you may always find street fashion that different cultures have inspired.You can also participate in art exhibitions or live music performances by foreign artists held during the evening sessions.


There are several beautiful universities in Scotland,which makes it a great place to study abroad. Besides getting an excellent education, students have the opportunity to learn about a fascinating and distinct tradition while attending one of the friendliest colleges in the world.Everyone has heard of the legendary kilts, bag-pipe musicians, and ceilidh dancing of Scotland, but there is more to this country than these well-known cultural icons. 

Humber and Yorkshire

Researchers and the Life Sciences sector in Yorkshire and Humber get benefitted from Study Support Service, which helps them plan, set up, and deliver high-quality research on time.Regardless of the study's location,this service is available for all  the eligible participants.The research analysis worked upon by the students can get benefitted from the centre's expertise in the medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and biotech areas.A "do once and share" approach to study delivery is enabled by  their national framework,which unites individual research locations. As a result, students can take advantage of national expertise and experience too.The Local Clinical Research Network staff members are based in the NHS and work closely with Research and Development offices, research teams at the research sites assigned for the particular  research project. These organizations provide access to best-practice tools and resources that reduce site duplication.The core services revolve around working collaboratively to bring value during research planning and set up operations to ensure the success of the studies they have implemented for the students.


Cardiff,a city in the United Kingdom,is small enough to be a welcoming community and large enough to give the best of both worlds.Studying in Cardiff, you will have the opportunity to pursue your academic interests while interacting with students from across the globe. Cardiff is a better value than most other central UK locations if you're studying abroad. Located on the banks of the Severn River at its mouth,Cardiff is both the capital and one of England's largest cities.Over 2,000 years,Wales is claimed to be the home of the mythical King Arthur.


If you're thinking about attending university in Edinburgh,you're probably curious about the city's parks and whether or not the way of life would appeal to you. Edinburgh is a beautiful place to study and live for the international students.People of different age groups visit Edinburgh because of the city's wide range of activities and attractions. 

Ireland's "North"

In both the United Kingdom and Ireland, only Northern Ireland holds major distinction.Although it's located on the island of Ireland,from a political and economic standpoint,it's a part of the United Kingdom,providing a unique cultural opportunity for international students.In Northern Ireland, the landscape is breathtaking, with craggy cliffs and lush fields.Students can visit the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim, the tranquil Fermanagh Lakelands in Enniskillen, or the enchanted Mourne Mountains, the inspiration for CS Lewis's world-famous "Narnia" books, when in Northern Ireland.To visit the real-world places utilized in 'Game of Thrones,' you may either plan your road trip or join an organized coach tour.People in Northern Ireland are polite,amicable, and eager to have a good time, which is local slang for fun!


Located in the United Kingdom (UK) and the British Isles, Wales has been ranked as one of the best nations to visit by Rough Guides. It is bounded on the South and East by England and on the North and West by the Irish Sea.In terms of population,Wales has a population of roughly 3 million and utilizes the British pound sterling as its currency,which it shares with England.Universities in Wales can be found in various settings, from bustling towns to stunning mountain ranges, the seaside,and everywhere in between.


It's a sum up about popular UK locations but if you wish to know more than you can let us know and we'll guide you more about the same. Also, if there's any location in the UK where you wish to study then Speak2University experts will help you out with the same. You can let us know where you wish to study in the UK & further our team will help you out with everything else.

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