Why do Indian Students Choose to Study in the UK?Learn more about benefits of studying in UK

Detailed Course Curriculum

Implementation of the advanced content makes the courses taught at the UK universities vary from each other, which ultimately increases the desire of international students to study in the UK. The courses are taught by well-known experts who have thorough knowledge about the respective subject & strive to enhance the understanding of the students.

Impressive Academics

Awestruck - One Word Description for UK University Academics. This sounds similar because all the UK universities seem to teach students through diversified teaching methods to improvise their theoretical & practical knowledge. From skilled experts, personalized study materials, numerous book resources, and doubt clearing sessions, there are numerous benefits of studying in the UK that we still need to know from our counseling experts.

Research-Oriented Universities

All the UK universities are known as the best educational institutions by the international students for their teaching methods implemented in the research department. You'll get to work on top-notch research papers in guidance with experts, which will help you excel as a good researcher in the future. From the University of Sheffield, the University of St Andrews, to the Queen Mary University of London, all of them are research-oriented universities & share a common plan of providing beneficial knowledge to the students.

24*7 Student Support 

Speak2University counselors share a unique bond with all the students who choose them for future career guidance. Our experts try to understand their general essentials in relevance with the main reason to study in the UK & how one will make a difference in their life after completing their studies from the UK.

Once everything gets settled, our experts help the students to find the right course in the university of their choice. Students are also assisted in writing 'Statement of Letter' for application & getting a 'Letter of Recommendation' from their previous educational institution. Above all, what makes us unique is our no-fees charging policy & that's why we believe in providing authentic information to the students who wish to study in the UK & are always available for them 24*7 without any hassle.

Career Placement Fairs by Experts

From 'University of Sheffield' to 'Aberystwyth University' all the UK universities hold an 'Employability Fair' for their final year students. This levels up the placement opportunities & increases the chances of grabbing a successful job for the students. Students are also encouraged to participate in workshops & career counseling sessions organized at the university, where professors & guest lectures teach them how to build an effective resume, give solid interviews & ace the complex questions asked by the recruiters in the career fairs.

Affordable Fees & Other Expenses

Planning a financial budget is extremely important before heading to the UK to pursue further education. Speak2University experts provide the exact figure to the students charged by the university for tuition fees, accommodation & other extracurricular activities.

We also help the students plan a 'Personal Finance Budget,' specifically designed for their additional expenses, excluding their educational expenses. Be rest assured because we have 10+ universities associated with us who have varied fee structures for all the programmes, so if one university doesn't fit the clock, we have something else in the bucket too.

Interactive Campus & Student Life

Those who love greenery, sea waves & sustainability would love to study in the UK because of its nature-friendly environment. Students get to witness vibrant campus life at the universities, where various functions are held for entertaining the students. Indian students also get to celebrate all the Indian festivals with all pomp & show along with building successful networking links with students from all across the globe. It's a life-changing experience at UK universities with the most happening student life in the UK.

Scholarships for International Students

More than 100 scholarships are available for international students who choose to pursue a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught programme at the UK university of their choice. Thousands of students tend to apply for the scholarships & those who fit under the eligibility criteria receive the offer for availing the scholarship from the university. Students from India or anywhere in the world need to submit an application to the management & post the decision made by the jury panel further scholarship letter is sent to the students. 

Get assistance from Speak2University in financial counseling, finding the right scholarship alongside filling & submitting the entire scholarship form. 

Comfortable Accommodation Spaces

Home is where the heart is & all the UK universities follow this motto for building a safe space for the students. Students who wish to opt for accommodation inside the university campus need to state the same in their application form and pay the accommodation fee after the final confirmation. The management will allot the' accommodation in 'University Hall Residence’ to the students.'

All the facilities, including laundry, food & supplements, study resources, 24*7 electricity, and tight security, are provided to the students. Although prices may vary on the chosen accommodation as single residence halls are much more expensive compared to duplex ones, so for covering living expenses, one can also opt for 'Accommodation Scholarship' provided by selective universities.

Availability of Exchange Programmes 

Students who wish to study in the UK through the 'Global Exchange Program' need to seek permission from their original institution before applying for it. Those international students who get into the exchange program tend to pay low fees as compared to the other international students who opt for a full-time degree here.

Accessible UK Study Visa - Plus Benefits

Gone are the days when you needed to make 10 rounds of visa offices for getting your 'UK Study Visa' made & verified for pursuing education in the UK. Our team focuses on this core factor associated with abroad education and helps students get a UK Tier 4, General Student Visa in just a few simple steps. One needs to help us fill the relevant details in the Visa Application Form & our team does the rest of the work until handling the study visa to the students.

Worldwide Recognition Degree

Both the UG & PG courses taught at UK universities hold a strong value all across the globe. Students who graduate from UK universities tend to receive huge accomplishments as the particular institution holds a significant impact worldwide, which eventually proves that the specific degree is accredited from a recognized university.

Assorted Course in Various Fields

Though the most prominent benefit of studying in the UK still revolves around this opinion that there's a huge variety of courses available at various universities. Those students who wish to study Economics & Politics at the same time can join the UG programme entitled 'BSc Economics & Politics' at the 'University of Bristol' whereas someone wishing to study technical law can join 'LLM-Legal Tech' at Swansea University. This all seems to be interesting & due to the flexibility in choosing courses from different departments & most international students choose to study in the UK as they get to explore various trends at one time.

Implementation of 1 Year Full-Time Master's Course

This is the most significant benefit of studying in the UK as Indian universities don't offer 1 Year PG courses to the students. This is surely a gracious boon for all the international students who wish to pursue a full-time master's degree in the UK, which gives them worldwide recognition & opens up doors for versatile job opportunities in the future at renowned national & international firms.

Versatile Networking Opportunities 

Building networking links at the international level aces up the professional graph of the students. Speak2University team believes the same & that's the reason we get our applicants in touch with university delegates & ex-alumins before enrolling in the particular institution.

This also helps the students to know about the university in a better manner & helps them to bond a good relationship with the delegates which would benefit them for a longer run. Various International workshops & seminars are also held at the university where students get to build networking links with skilled professionals in their respective fields while studying in the UK.

Knowledge Hub without Language Barriers

Studying in the UK seems to be a valuable experience for all the international students as one gets to interact with all the professors & other students without the constraint of a language barrier. As ' British English' seems to be a common accent for most international students, one does not need to worry about communication factors in the UK. Choose UK for studies & enlighten your knowledge in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.

Freedom of Studying Various Modules

Often students are seen in a dilemma on why one should go to study in the UK & end up coming at a zero point. Our team has a perfect solution for those students & that's the plus point of learning about various divisions in one particular course, which is not available in India till now. Students get to study engineering with management which is definitely something unique & attracts most of the international students to choose UK for further studies.

Diversified Culture & Experience

You'll get to experience a different perspective of food & culture while studying in the UK, but what's necessary at the initial stage is staying calm and dealing with everyone in a patient manner. Staying abroad will teach you how to be more polite & confident while speaking to others, ultimately making you learn to deal with different kinds of people. The food, aura, & environment will sound out of context initially, but once you positively accept the things, there's no looking back, students! All the best for adventurous education in the UK.


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