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Studying abroad is the dream for many students who hail from India. Although, very few candidates get the chance to prove their quality in exams and later head over to the UK for further education.Many countries provide learning opportunities for international students.But among all other universities,there are very few that rank at the top of the list.The education system of the United Kingdom is one of the top educational systems for international students in terms of both theoretical & practical experience.

Getting a chance to study in the UK universities means receiving the gateway to study in one of the reputed worldwide universities.The education system of the UK is proved to be the best in terms of quality and standards as per the survey showcased by various high-profile university ranking organisations which usually pushes the students to pursue their higher education in the UK.Moreover,International students studying in the UK have to come across five stages of education which are as follows: 

  • Early Years 
  • Primary Years
  • Secondary Educations 
  • Further Educations 
  • Higher Educations 

While choosing the university, one should research well and cross-check all the reviews for the excellent range of internationally famous institutions that possess international degrees and provide top-quality education to the students.

If you are getting confused about whether the degree obtained from the UK will be recognized elsewhere or not then let us answer for you ? The degree that you will earn from the UK university is legit worldwide.Though before heading forward to the main context of this blog we'll suggest you to get in touch with Speak2University experts for getting more guidance about the UK universities & the various courses taught there.Let's now discuss the prominent context of this topic which is ''Common UK Education TermsInternational Students Must Know" before heading over to the UK. 

After the September 11th attacks, Visa restriction was imposed, after which many rules were changed; here are some of the rules that you need to get acquainted with before moving to the UK for further studies.

  • Generally, if you are traveling to an international country, you have to keep a sufficient amount for savings to get Visa approval as the amount has increased.
  • Students have to show a specific amount of savings for course fees and living expenses for 9  months. 
  • Academic progressions have become more strict.Students who apply for a general visa to study in UK universities have to obtain a level-up degree on the National Qualifications Framework. 
  • Students can extend their studies only if their course is linked with the previously proposed course asserted by the university. 
  • Students who work while studying at a UK university should know that they will not get the opportunity to extend their Visa or switch from a student visa to a work visa.They have to apply for a visa from an outside location of the UK. 
  • Students may not get the option to extend their studies if they are not registered with the university's official website.
  • Getting higher education from the UK means spending more than expected.The tuition fees of the students may vary from one university to another.Hence you need to research and fix the university under which you will continue your education. 
  • International students have to pay overseas tuition fees.While spending the payments, you should go through the refund policies properly.The refund policy depends on the university's circumstances and rules. 
  • The UK visa system is very transparent.You can make the visa applications with the choice of the university.Your Visa is issued according to your course


Many processes are involved,from researching for a university to applying for a visa and taking admission to colleges.UK education degree is recognised in every part of the world but to get the degree successfully,you have to complete the course duration as specified by the university.Although,to get the entire process done smoothly, you need to be well aware of all the official & educational aspects so that it's easier for you to head over to the UK.For better admission procedure guidance & getting authentic information about prestigious UK universities, you can also get in touch with Speak2University experts who will clarify all your doubts & queries in one go.

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