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Dreaming of pursuing your education abroad in the UK but don't know how to proceed further? - Just be rest assured now because we're here to help you out with this!

We're here to tell you about the UCAS (Universities and College Admission Services), a renowned organization well-versed in helping the students get admission into the choice of their course amongst the different UK universities. The deadline for UCAS application 2022 is 26th January by 18:00 P.M (UK time) for all the other universities excluding Oxford and Cambridge. In addition, students who wish to apply for these two universities need to submit their application by 15th October 2022 as per the given timeline.

So if you're interested in pursuing education in the UK, check out this blog and depending on your requirements , you can connect with Speak2University where our counsellors will help you to fill the entire application.

Below, we have mentioned all the important steps required to fill out the application, starting from registration to submitting the form till the end.

Initiate UCAS Registration 

It is imperative to choose your course and subjects wisely before deciding to fill out the application form. Our in-house expert level counsellors shall help you jot down important choices , they will either fill out the form for you , or will guide you while filling out the form. You may also choose to  go to the UCAS site, where you can fill in your application structure on your own , However Speak2university recommends that you allow the counsellor to help you because once options are filled in the UCAS form  they cannot be changed. 

Fill-up the Relevant Details

  • You should finish every compulsory inquiry, and don't leave anything for the last minute. These must all be completed before your application can be sent. 
  • Ensure your email address is up to date, so you don't miss significant updates on your application. 
  • You will be asked about your residency status if you're from outside the UK and need an explanation regarding this aspect. You can visit the UKCISA website for more information!
  • There are questions explicitly for UK students about their ethnic origin, public personality, and occupational background. These are obligatory inquiries utilized for checking purposes. This information will only be shared with colleges and universities after you have gotten a spot and won't impact any choice regarding your application. 
  • They ask for information about personal circumstances as in your parental training, if you've been in care, or engaged with enlarging cooperation exercises, so colleges and universities can frame a complete comprehension of you as a person. While this data is discretionary, it can help colleges and schools better comprehend your experience and offer help. 
  • Our counsellors at Speak2University also help the students to create a financial budget which would cover all of their educational,living and other additional expenses. We majorly focus on this aspect so that things are easier for you while you study in the UK.
  • You can also give us the contact details of your parent or guardian regarding your application, who could speak on your behalf regarding your application.

Update the Academic Background Details

You need to mention your educational background starting from Class 10th till date. It plays a prominent role in choosing the candidates and is an important criteria asserted by the universities. 

Important Things to Remember

  • If you left your education halfway, then also you need to mention it.
  • If you're waiting for your results from the current university, then ask your referee for an approximate grade which you can add to the application.
  • If you appeared for an external exam, attach the result to the application or send it separately to the university authorities where you're applying for the course of your choice. 

Add the Job Profile History 

Adding a work experience to the application adds a sparkling touch and impresses the authorities in one go with ease! In addition, if you have worked anywhere in the past as a full-time or part-time employee on a paid basis, then we would suggest you add it to your application. Mandatory details you need to include are name, complete address (verified), job description, joining and resignation date.

Note: Don’t include volunteering experiences here.You can skip this section if there’s no work experience.

Choose the Course 

This sounds like a student's favorite because here, one gets to choose the relevant course of their choice, which goes up to limit 5. 

Important Things to Remember

  • Students who wish to apply for medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or science can apply for only 4 courses out of all these options.
  • Specific universities accept deferred entries, so just check the right ones before applying.
  • You can apply at both Cambridge and Oxford if you're opting for a graduate course. Deadline - 15th October 2022 

What is the 'Statement of Purpose'?

It's as simple as writing a journal. Still, as a student, you need to be very particular while writing about your skills and abilities as this will excel you out as a talented and suitable candidate for the specific course. You need to be extremely particular while writing about your capabilities and try to be up to the point without adding anything out of the box.

Though it’s quite convenient to write a personal statement, at times seeking professional help from Speak2University will help you to write this with ease. Our counsellor will provide you with all the necessary help throughout the entire process.

 Important Things to Remember

  • It should be 1,000 words long
  • Should not be copied from anywhere
  • Check the grammatical errors

Ask for a Reference 

The primary importance of being referred to plays an important role in our lives, whether in a personal or professional field, because referred candidates are being selected or hired on a prior basis by the management. 

Ensure to contact your officials early, so they have sufficient opportunity to compose this for you. You should have a proper reference letter written by your principal, teacher, or professor who knows about your academic whereabouts. You can also take out a printout of the reference letter and make sure that you send a reliable and finalized reference letter to UCAS.

Cross Check the Application

Before heading on to the payment, you'll be asked to review the entire application once again. It's applicable for last-minute changes and allows the students to make final edits to the application before submitting it to UCAS. You can also ask a Speak2university counsellor to cross-check the application for you.

Application Fee Payment 

Students need to make an application fee payment of £22 for a single course of their choice. Though, the fee increases if the options are more than one, and in that case, students need to pay £26.50 for completing the UCAS registration procedure. 

  • In case you're applying via Speak2University, then we'll do everything for you, from jotting down the reference letter to making the final application fee payment.
  • Although, if you're applying yourself, then make sure that you have informed the bank authorities about this international payment to get approved instantly at that moment.

Steps to Remember While Making the Payment

  • Make sure to contact the bank before making the transaction as it's an international payment method and can be considered fraudulent by mistake, so do these official things in advance.
  • Cross check whether you can make international online payments with your card.
  • Use a valid payment card that should have adequate money in the account.
  • Enter the accurate 16 digit card number, end date, CVV ( last three digits on the backside of the card ), and the issue number printed on the front side of the card.

Forward the Application to UCAS

The final step deals with sending the application to the UCAS department, and it's done! You need to wait for confirmation from them.

Note: You can use the UCAS Track facility to know the status of your application. All the details regarding the seat confirmation for a particular course will be shared over the tracker. Moreover, you can also make changes to your application via the tracker.


Speak2University agrees  that studying in the UK is a dream for most international students. At times, searching for information all over the internet also doesn't tend to fulfill the expectations. So to make things much more accessible and straightforward for the aspiring students, we have curated this blog which sums up all the essential aspects of the UCAS Application in one go! You are most welcome to avail the opportunity to speak with our in-house-expert level counsellor who will guide you to fill the entire application with the course of your choice and all of this definitely sounds amazing right! So please go through it and let us know your thoughts on the same.

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