5 Prominent Reasons Which Divert International Students to AustraliaLearn more about benefits of studying in Australia

Australia is well known for its vibrant culture all across the globe & also has been the centre of attraction for travelling purposes.Significantly, the magnificent geography of Australia leaves everyone smitten within seconds making them a fan of this gorgeous place.From busy city life in Sydney to wandering Kangaroos in the Zoo there's so much one gets to witness here. Though people visit Australia to have fun & enjoy, there's a certain percentage of students who wish to study at Australia either an undergraduate (UG), postgraduate ( PG) or PhD degree at a recognised Australian university for enhancing their knowledge & understanding about the core subjects alongside gaining international exposure.As blissful as it sounds, Australia is indeed a booming learning space for international students with so many additional benefits offered to the students.Let's now discuss 5 leading reasons why international students move to study in Australia in the university of their dreams! 

Seamless Work Permit 
Who doesn't want a 'Work Permit' without any hassle? In this case, Australia surely knows the nerves of the students. It's the foremost reason which leads the international students to study here.Students get to work & study at the same time which not only accelerates their career graph but also opens up abundant networking opportunities by letting them connect with people from different departments,backgrounds and nationalities.One can work as a part-time employee at cafes, shops, libraries or restaurants in Australia for paying the tuition or accommodation fees to the university.As an international student, one has the freedom to work up to 40 hours for 2 weeks & gets paid AUD 18.23 p/hr (1003.95 INR ) or AUD 719.29 p/hr week (39,612 INR) for their work duties.

Versatile Job Opportunities
In the end, it's all about studying for a recognised degree which would land you up with a good job in future.Both the parties,i.e, the Australian Government and Universities support all the international students in terms of their career & that's the reason Australia bears the lowest unemployment rate.The management is quite robust and works with a strong vision for highlighting the work portfolio of the international students.Career Workshops & Fairs, Employability & Placement Events are also organised at the Australian universities where reputed corporate firms come up to hire fresh talent for various job profiles once students complete their education.

Open Minded Culture
Studying at a place where people from different countries come up allows the students to explore more at a multinational level.Australia has always been generous in welcoming international students and providing them with a home-like safe experience.On meeting new people from distinct cultures international students accept their culture wholeheartedly & at times also tend to share common interests with them.Overall, Australia is indeed a mixed place with approximately 200 different languages spoken here by varied people which eventually allows international students to learn much more from others.

Top-Notch Scholarships 
Getting a scholarship is like winning a jackpot for international students.We all know that studying abroad comes along with budgeting the finances because certainly,the educational & living expenses are quite different as compared to our own country.To make things much easier, Australian universities offer huge scholarships to international students which are awarded to students on fulfilling the eligibility criteria asserted by the university.From fully funded scholarships to a reduction in tuition or accommodation there are numerous types of scholarships offered by Australian universities to international students.You can get in touch with Speak2University experts to know more about these scholarships & we'll also help you to apply for the scholarship along with the admission procedure.Some popular scholarships offered to international students are mentioned below.

  • Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)
  • Australia Awards
  • John Allwright Fellowship (JAF)
  • (ACU) Destination Australia International Scholarship
  • Scholarships by Australian Embassy 
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships
  • Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships

Spectacular Education Facilities 
The education practices implemented by the Australian universities are certainly the best for the international students as it provides global recognition & increases the scope of working opportunities for the students.From advanced practical training to in-depth theoretical lectures students are guided throughout the study duration by highly qualified academic professors.In terms of achievements,QS World Rankings and Times Higher Education Rankings has ranked 7 Australian universities amongst the Top 100 respectively which surely states that Australia is indeed a growing area to study, work & explore at the same time.Students also have access to other world-class facilities offered by the university within the campus which ranges from the accommodation, library, cafeteria, security, laundry & much more.

Final Words
We hope that this article has clarified all your doubts in relevance with pursuing your further education in Australia.Though these are significant reasons which make Australia a  decent educational hub where students from all across the globe come up to fulfil their dream of studying abroad still there are many more too in the slot.You can get in touch with Speak2University experts who'll answer all your queries regarding the best Australian universities, undergraduate (UG) & postgraduate (PG) courses taught there,scholarships,student accommodation & much more.In case you wish to study here then our team will also help you out with the entire admission procedure.Book a consultation call now with Speak2University experts. 


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