Types of Part-time Jobs for International Students in the UKKnow about 'Types of Part-time Jobs for International Students in the UK' from Speak2University experts

Being a country that hosts some of the top universities globally, the United Kingdom is undoubtedly a hub for students coming in from around the globe to pursue their dreams. Even though it is a dream country, we cannot deny that it costs a lot to live and study. Due to this reason, it is common to see students working part-time on and off their campuses for managing their personal & educational expenses while living in the UK.
For an international student, average working hours can vary from 10 to 20 hours per week, depending on the study program.Full-time and Self-employment opportunities are not available without a work permit, but the option of doing a part-time job is always available for the students.If you're an international student who resides in India, is looking forward to pursuing further studies in the UK but are worried about managing the expenses then this blog is the right mate for you as here you'll get brief information about all the part-time jobs in the UK where you can work alongside completing your education.

Teaching Assistant
Working as Teaching Assistant is by far the most sought-after job for any student studying in the UK.It adds up a lot to your personal growth, and the monetary benefits & is also one of the most popular part-time jobs in the UK.These are mainly restricted to post-graduate students,but some universities offer a few positions for undergraduate students too.If you love brainstorming, and solving problems and are academically sound, you can end up getting one of these.The pay for this profile can be roughly around £10/hour in the UK.

Barista/ FnB Server
If you have always wanted to work in those cute little cafes or if you're going to explore the food and beverage sector,working as a barista or a server can be a great option.These restaurants mostly tend to hire students as they have flexible work timings, so finding such a job would be relatively easy.Perks can be a pleasant working environment and reasonable working hours.You are constantly surrounded by the magical aroma of coffee and freshly made items! The pay seems to be roughly around £9/hour for the students who work as part-time employees.

Retail Worker
There are generally a lot of open positions for this category.You can always choose a nearby retail store and ask for a part-time job; the chances are you will end up getting them quickly.You can sharpen your customer service skills while working in these retail stores, and if your stars are well-aligned,you can earn some extra bucks as commission on your sales too.

You are a people person and like meeting new people? If yes, then this could be the job for you.Most universities hire their students part-time to be the receptionist of various administrative blocks within the university.You can look for the same profile outside of the college, as this is also a common requirement in offices, hotels, hospitals, etc.,where not much of your energy is required, and you can easily earn a decent amount.The pay can be roughly around £8-9/hour while working as a receptionist.

Knowing a second language is always an asset wherever you go.Apart from being a great personality trait, it is also easy to churn in some extra bucks.Translators are required to translate articles, news, websites, and blogs for various companies.The experience you earn as a translator is also rich and could be used for your entire life.Even while having a full-time job in the future, you can do some translating work as a side gig with a bit of extra effort and earn good profits.The average pay can be roughly around £13/ hour for translators.

Dog walker
Who doesn't love cuddling and spending time with those fur buddies! Dogs are a great stress buster and can alter your mood. How would you feel if we told you that you could get paid while doing that? Yes, you heard that right! Being a dog walker is an actual job, and people opt to pay you to walk their dogs while they are away.So, if you are a dog person and looking to earn some money, then be on the lookout for this job around your neighbourhood.The average pay is around £11/hour for this part time job.

Line Cook/ Chef
If cooking food comes naturally to you and you love food as much as taking up a job around it,then you can consider applying to restaurants and hotels near you.You can be hired as a prep cook, who does the preparation work,looks after the place's hygiene,and can even cook meals if good enough.Imagine impressing your friends and family with the skills learned from your job, lovely, right?The average pay is around £10/hour for working as a part-time chef.

If you are someone who would rather spend their time on foot than sitting behind desks all day,then you can consider housekeeping as an option.Many vacancies can be found in different industries for housekeepers, like hotels, restaurants, theatres, colleges, and malls.You would be responsible for cleaning, dusting, organizing, and much more, depending on your work area.Virtues like patience,an eye for detail, and a love for cleanliness will make you a good fit for this job. The average pay is around £9/hour for working as a housekeeper.

Final Verdict
There are many other options that you can opt for to optimize your potential of earning in your part-time working hours, which you'll come across when you once start living & studying in the UK.If you want to know more about studying in the UK alongside working part-time,consulting a Speak2University counsellors for more information is the best choice.Our experts will also answer your queries about various part-time jobs in the UK & for additional guidance can also get you in touch with the 'University Delegates' associated with us. 

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