Common UK Student Accommodation FAQ’sCommon UK Student Accommodation FAQ’s resolved by Speak2University experts

When it comes to studying abroad the first & foremost question which comes to a parent's/guardian's mind is where their child will stay and what kind of student accommodation would be provided to them by the university management.Though there are numerous rooms available in the student accommodation at times students miss out on them because they choose to book the accommodation on reaching the university and until then the seats get filled out.That's the prominent reason due to which Speak2University experts advise all the international students to choose and book their accommodation during the enrollment procedure to avoid the last-minute hassle.

As per our sources,this certainly happens because most perspective students don't have much information about "Student Accommodation" and its essential parameters so to make things easier for all the interested students, we have curated this blog where we have jotted down the answers related to common queries asked in relevance with the student accommodation.

What are the types of student accommodation available in the UK? 

There are different types of student accommodation available for the students and depending on their budget and requirements one can choose the accommodation as per their choice. Moreover, when it comes to university accommodation such as "University Hall of Residence'' or "University Managed Houses and Rooms'' then in such cases international students need to book accommodation during the admission process so that they need not to hover here and there at the last minute after reaching the university.This is also advised by Speak2University experts because once the admission starts the accommodation rooms also start getting booked instantly by the students. Below we have jotted down different types of student accommodation and for further information on the same you can connect with Speak2University experts.

  • Private rental flats of houses 
  • Homestays
  • Private Halls
  • University Hall of Residence
  • University houses & rooms 
  • Purchased Properties 

What kind of basic facilities are included in the student accommodation?

Settling at a new place is not easy and as a student, one should make sure to have access to all the facilities within their nearby surroundings.This is also the second most asked question by the international students when it comes to student accommodation as apart from renting a space one also needs basic amenities too. Have a look below at what kinds of basic facilities are available to the students in the accommodation area.

  • Package Management 
  • Study Room
  • Constant Transportation
  • Library
  • Computer Labs 
  • Utilities ( Electricity, Water & Gas ) 
  • Accommodation Insurance 
  • Wi-Fi
  • 24*7 Tight Security
  • Laundry 
  • Gym aka Fitness Centres 
  • Outdoor space ( For extracurricular activities) 
  • Community Area ( Common for all) 
  • Geyser, Printers, Study Tables 
  • 24*7 Video Intercom System
  • ATM 
  • Bicycle or Car Parking Space 
  • Repair & Maintenance and Support
  • First Aid Help 
  • Reception Desk 

How far is the main city located from the student accommodation area? 

It differs for every university and it's also known that the student accommodation spaces which are located far away from the university area are slightly much cheaper as compared to the accommodation spaces located within the campus or those which are located 5-10 mins from the university.At times those which are managed by the university have the main city located 1-2km away for which transport facility is available on both sides.

Is a car parking & transport facility available for the students? 

It completely depends on the university as some universities allow students to bring their car within the campus area whereas some allow only bicycles or other small vehicles.In certain UK universities such as Swansea University, you get bicycle parking facilities whereas the University of Bristol and the University of St Andrews offer car parking facilities to the students as well. Hence, it's the university's choice if they're willing to offer these facilities to the students.

Do students share rooms in the student accommodation?

It depends whether you choose to stay in the halls or opt for separate rooms. Like, UK universities do offer en-suite accommodation facilities to the students in which all sorts of essential facilities are provided to the students whereas they also provide big halls in which various rooms are built inside. Each room contains one room, a kitchen and a bathroom in which one person can stay or it can be shared by two people.The sharing factor is the student's choice.When en-suite rooms are full then students choose to stay in hall residences.

What's the procedure for applying for student accommodation?

Once you receive the final offer letter from the university you can apply for the accommodation instantly.Remember that you can only book the accommodation after you have received the offer from the university and not before that so make sure that you perform thorough research about the accommodation provided by the university in advance for securing better options.Also,keep in mind that there are deadlines for booking the accommodation too so as soon as you get the offer letter be very quick in making a final call of choosing the student accommodation.

Is the electricity bill separate or is included in the accommodation charges? 

Students who opt for "All Inclusive Student Accommodation" need not pay anything extra apart from the housing cost as everything ranging from electricity, and water to gas bills are calculated in the same.You just need to pay the relevant charges to the university and it's done. When it comes to homestay or private accommodation ( rental flats or houses) then in that case electricity, water and gas bills need to be paid separately to the owner.

Do UK universities charge a deposit for the student accommodation and if yes then how much? 

Yes, the UK universities do charge a separate deposit from the students once the booking is done along with the accommodation fees.It ranges from £150 to £500 depending on the facilities provided by the university.Apart from this if a student chooses to study in homestays, private flats etc then also one needs to pay the security deposit to the owner. It is returned to you once your educational journey is finished and you have completed the timeline of staying there as per your rental agreement.Though be aware that this amount will be refunded to you only if the property is found to be in a good condition as in case of damages the amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

Final Words

With this, it's a wrap & we believe that if you're an international student who's looking forward to studying in the UK then this article must have cleared out all their doubts regarding the same.We also agree with the fact that moving abroad is quite a different experience when it comes to leaving your comfort zone behind and that's the reason we assure to help the students throughout their admission procedure with authentic information because we believe that all the students should receive the best of what they ask for whether it's life, education, accommodation, food or anything else. 

Still, if you have any more queries & wish to interact with the Speak2University experts then in that case you just have to book a free consultation call through the form available on our website and within 24-48 hours our experts will connect with you for the same. Till then keep scrolling the UK universities on our website including the courses taught there!

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