University of Bristol funds a Menstrual Cup & Cleaner Start-up

The topic ‘Menstruation’ has been an elusive subject for the longest period as society considered it taboo however with changing times our society has been more acceptable and open discussions about menstruation are now welcomed in the scientific community. This has been a combined effort of the social strata as various NGOs and other social¬†organizations¬†have come to the forefront to […]

Swansea University achieves Heights in the Students Crowd Awards 2022

It seems like good times and celebrations have been constantly pouring in for the “Swansea University” as popular ranking bodies have been honoring them for their valuable contribution for providing better facilities to the students. Recently, Students Crowd Awards 2022 was held wherein “Swansea University” has secured 15th rank in the UK in the category “Best University of the Year” […]

University of St Andrews esteemed “Laidlaw Music Centre” wins Accolades

Known to be an astonishing & distinguished UK university ,i.e., the University of St Andrews is known globally for its enlightening education facilities provided to the students. Apart from education, the university also excels in encouraging students to take part in various extracurricular activities which are organized by the university or outside at the state or international level. From music, […]