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University of St Andrews esteemed “Laidlaw Music Centre” wins Accolades

University of St Andrews esteemed “Laidlaw Music Centre” wins Accolades

Known to be an astonishing & distinguished UK university ,i.e., the University of St Andrews is known globally for its enlightening education facilities provided to the students. Apart from education, the university also excels in encouraging students to take part in various extracurricular activities which are organized by the university or outside at the state or international level. From music, arts, and drama to theatre and sports there are many activities in which a student can take part depending on their interest. To promote these activities there are separate center’s on the university campus where interested students can go and learn as per their scheduled timeline.

Apart from all the centers, Laidlaw Music Centre continues to be in the spotlight these days because they have been chosen as the ultimate winner by the St Andrews Preservation Trust’s Pride of Place Awards which was a proud moment for all the individuals who are a part of this versatile music center. Built within the university campus it’s a well-structured musical centre  & comprises 3 rehearsal rooms, a luxury recording room, 10 practice rooms along with a large and spacious library for learning purposes.

Knowledge Hour: St Andrews Preservation Trust Award was introduced in 2004 and aims to motivate individuals and other organizations in St Andrews to take pride in the properties owned or built by them at the university. The awards are presented to the individuals & organizations for celebrating their work quality, design and workmanship values. In total 25 buildings make it to the nomination after being proposed by the trust members and further a special selection committee headed by Dr Robert Steedman OBE who’s the former chairman of this panel awards the selected nominees in a formal ceremony.

The formal inauguration of Laidlaw Music Centre took place last year & today, it’s asserted as one of the leading music centres worldwide. In this context, Dr Michael Downes (Director of the Music ~ University of St Andrews) asserted that he’s very glad that ‘Laidlaw Music Centre’ has won this award as he always wanted that this building is accompanied fully by the staff and students residing here and they’re utilizing it for learning music as per their convenience. He seemed to be very pleased on this occasion and further stated that as now the pandemic is over the university is looking forward to conducting a special musical program where local musicians & limited audience will be invited for turning that program into a beautiful moment. From his viewpoint, the main context revolves around the aspect that the University of St Andrews has always been welcoming all the community members of the university along with the staff and students at the Laidlaw Music Centre and everyone has an equal right to utilise this magnificent musical centre as per their comfort. After all, it’s a lovely music centre with sophisticated charm and a pleasing environment.

Another statement about the renowned “Laidlaw Music Centre” was given by Jason Flanagan who was the main lead of the architectural team (Flanagan Lawrence) responsible for building this musical centre. He stated that it’s a huge honour for them as ‘Laidlaw Music Centre’ won the St Andrews Preservation Trust Award and seemed to be very delighted for the same. Regarding the musical centre building, Jason further stated that the infrastructure is precisely positioned between three listed buildings and is built in a very unique manner for complimenting the historical aura of the centre. Though the beauty of the landscape gets enhanced as it’s set inside an arboretum just next to the Ancient Squad making it look all gorgeous and elegant.

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