University of Sheffield showcases Notable performance in Research environment

University of Sheffield showcases Notable performance in Research environment

As we all know that just reading books is not enough and one needs to be very particular with gaining more practical experience and that’s only possible when in-depth practical experiments are poured into the theoretical knowledge making it all a new invention. Also, when there’s a discussion about research then how can we forget that UK universities are always at the forefront and draw out significant research outputs after a series of analyses, discussions & outcomes. One such UK university which always outshines as a leading research institute is known to be ‘University of Sheffield’ and well hearing the name is enough because it’s known all across the globe that this university is one of the most favorable study destinations opted by the international students.

Moving towards the main discussion of this topic well the good news is that Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021) has announced its results and various UK universities with whom we work as the premium knowledge partners have made it to the list and one is the ‘University of Sheffield’ built in a magnificent steel city and surrounded all by a pleasant atmosphere. Talking about Sheffield’s performance in the REF 2021 well it’s highly impressive as 92% of the Research Outcomes from the university are termed to be world-leading or internationally excellent according to the REF results.

Keeping aside the overall research parameters there were certain departments from where research made it to the Top 10 list. The first one was ‘Architecture, Built Environment and Planning‘ which made it to ‘Top 3’ and 95% of the research was found to be world-leading or internationally excellent whereas ‘Biological Sciences’ made it to Top 5 and 98% of its research was found to be world-leading or internationally excellent. Meanwhile, research from the ‘Physics & Astronomy’ departments was found to be 100% significant for their research impact whereas the ‘Engineering’ department secured 96% for impactful research and made it to the Top 10′ too.

To celebrate this huge accomplishment a special program was organized on 12th May 2022 by the university management for applauding the pioneering research performed by researchers of Sheffield whilst addressing and resolving the unworthy global challenges which at times created unwanted circumstances in the nearby surroundings. The outcome of most of the projects was found to be very significant by the REF 2021 and also seemed to leave a positive impact all across the globe. There was also an embodiment seen in all the research outcomes performed by this university & REF 2021 results also acknowledged that Sheffield is well versatile in performing research and bringing new innovations in almost all the disciplines whether it’s science, medicine, maths, chemistry etc. Thus with such results published by REF 2021, it’s proven that the ‘University of Sheffield’ is highly involved in bringing out new revolutionary changes for stabilising the unstable life cycle of the people living worldwide.

Knowledge Hour: REF (Research Excellence Framework) – It’s a research assessment exercise formed by 4 higher education funding bodies,i.e, Research England, the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) & the Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland (DfE) respectively. It is held once every 7 years for rewarding the UK universities based on their research projects, outcomes and environment.

For the assessment purpose, the University of Sheffield had submitted 3,684 research outcomes along with 114 impactful case studies and 1,690 staff analyses. Based on research outcomes found in the various journals, articles, books, and designs the university is analysed by the REF. This framework also examines how hard the researchers and the university are working together to develop something out of theoretical knowledge for bringing an effective change in the community. Various international collaborations, industry & business tie-ups along with non-government collaborations are formed by the UK universities which are also taken into consideration by REF for analyzing the aspect that with those partnerships what valuable changes the university and its entire team are trying to bring into the society. The most interesting fact is that the mind-blowing research projects or consequences which are proposed by the university are a result of strong partnerships formed between the university and other organizations. Eventually, teamwork leads to the invention of some brilliant solutions for solving the unbearable life circumstances. Overall, there are various factors which REF takes into consideration for evaluating the universities which range from an adequate research environment, final results, elements taken for usage, cooperation etc.

On the other hand, Professor Sue Hartley ( Vice President – Research Department ) from the University of Sheffield stated that she’s extremely proud of knowing that research from this university is leaving a global impact and is benefitting millions of people. She further stated that she’s also very excited about the future research projects which would be conducted at the university. To her research is the heart of her life and she along with all the other researchers at the university is willing to work together on an ambitious research project which is profitable and delivers a world-leading impact alongside removing the harmful universal challenges mixed up in the environment. In conclusion, she thanked everyone once again and stated that the same spirit ought to be maintained after the REF results too whilst promoting the importance of a research culture & excellence all across the nation so that the outcomes and its solutions reach a wider number of people.

With this, it’s a wrap and if you’re someone who’s really into research and wants to gain thorough proficiency in the same then this is your chance to get enrolled here and fulfil all your dreams turning them into a reality. Just head over to our website and fill out the consultation form and within 24 hours duration, you’ll receive a call from one of our Speak2University experts who’ll brief you about all the necessary information related to studying in the UK at this university too. You can also check out some of the popular courses taught at the University of Sheffield about which information is available on our website.


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