An Intelligent guide to save money for your Masters in UK while working in India

If you’re planning on studying abroad, then it’s likely that you’ll need to save money for expenses like tuition fees and living costs. This can be especially difficult when you’re also working full-time while studying. It’s hard enough to save money while you’re studying but it’s especially difficult if you’re saving while working and studying simultaneously. This can make saving […]

University of York tops amongst the Russell Group Universities in the NSS 2022 for Overall Satisfaction category in Academic Experience

We all know that the results published by the NSS (National Student Survey) are highly authentic & helps prospective students in finding the right university abroad as per their preference. Those students who look forward to studying in the UK can go through NSS results to find out which university stands best in terms of academics, accommodation, extracurricular activities and […]

UG & PG Courses Offered by QMUL in the January Intake 2022-23

Have you missed applying for higher education at QMUL in the September intake and wish you had applied earlier? Well, that’s certainly the case with most of the students these days as they’re constantly juggling up on how to make the right choice for studying abroad & that’s where at times some guidance needs to be poured onto them so […]

University of Bristol funds a Menstrual Cup & Cleaner Start-up

The topic ‘Menstruation’ has been an elusive subject for the longest period as society considered it taboo however with changing times our society has been more acceptable and open discussions about menstruation are now welcomed in the scientific community. This has been a combined effort of the social strata as various NGOs and other social¬†organizations¬†have come to the forefront to […]