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University Of Dundee law student honoured with Wimberley award along with a PhD Researcher

University Of Dundee law student honoured with Wimberley award along with a PhD Researcher

When there’s a talk about student life then apart from scoring excellent academic grades, it’s quite necessary to contribute to the improvement of the university and students these days are well versed with the concept that if they have a chance to showcase their capabilities at an international level socially, culturally then there are higher chances of them getting rewarded by the university management either for their work contribution or maybe other achievements. In the same context recently a law student from the  ‘University of Dundee’ has been rewarded with the notable Wimberley award which is specifically crafted to award those students who have exhibited spectacular performance in social activities for the development of the university and nearby local communities.

Though for this award two students Mr Cameron Irons (22) & Dr Holly Heir (28) had been shortlisted jointly, but the Wimberley award was awarded separately to them. Mr Cameron’s graduation ceremony was held on 23rd June 2022 whereas Dr Helly Keir completed her PhD in Research Medicine on 24th June 2022 so the management chose to give the award to both of them on the day of their graduation ceremony. Both individuals have contributed very generously to the betterment of the university and that’s the main reason they’re honoured with the Wimberley medal because according to the university both of them truly deserve this success. While receiving the award both of them also stated that they’ll contribute to the university even after their studies & will also stay in touch with the university management always so that they can extend their help anytime when required for the growth of the university.

On winning the Wimberley award, Mr Cameron Irons stated that he’s extremely proud of receiving this award and is also very happy that all the extracurricular work that he has done for the university has been recognised thoroughly. He also said that his friends always made fun of him saying that why he’s getting a degree when every time he’s engaged in performing social work for the university but he still maintained his enthusiasm alive and worked for the university on various social occasions so that it brings positive changes in & around society.

For Cameron who also worked as President- of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Dundee, this was a dual layer of achievement as before the Wimberley award he was rewarded by the DUSA (Dundee University Students Association) in the category of “Outstanding Contribution to the Student Experience” for helping the regional and international students studying at the university by resolving their personal, financial or professional queries. The main motto of the university is to create a homely vibe for the students and that’s exactly what Cameron did for the students. 

Talking about his work achievements, well he has actively promoted the access activities increasing in the university & apart from this he was also involved in a synchronized orientation of a law clinic in Dundee. Surprising to know he has also been the President of “Dundee Legal Mooting Society” which showcases how committed and involved he was socially throughout his academic journey. He has also formulated a pre-matriculation awareness module which covers prominent social topics such as equality, diversity and inclusion, gender-based violence, climate change and integrity. For him, all this was new but with time he learned from his mentors and later these social activities became a huge part of his life. He took on different roles as a leader in the law school which made him realize that working for the students and guiding and motivating them is also an incredible achievement in life as through his knowledge he’s willing to enrich the lives of other students which will eventually help them to make a suitable career decision in the future. The power of motivation & encouragement is so vast that anyone who wishes to enlighten young students can do so by just guiding them with the relevant knowledge. Overall, the work done by Cameron taught him how small efforts for the students can develop a satisfactory student experience.

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