8 Things International Students Relate to Who Study at Swansea University

8 Things International Students Relate to Who Study at Swansea University

Swansea University is a beautiful institution that deserves the whole focus. There is no other university in the United Kingdom that offers Freshers Fortnight instead of Freshers Week, “Refreshers Week ” in the 2nd semester, and the most significant ‘Varsity Tournament’ in Wales.

Swansea has also received a bunch of prestigious awards out of which one is TEF Gold for teaching excellence & has been ranked under ‘Top 25’ universities in the UK for this criteria. (Source: Guardian University Guide 2022). It’s definitely a place to study & grow alongside witnessing a vibrant environment. We will now share few instances about ‘Swansea University’ shared by international students who have studied here.

Pledging for GWA ( Green & White Army )

The Green and White Army represents Swansea University’s sports teams, or “GWA.” The night before Welsh Varsity, students feel like children on Christmas Eve as everyone awaits gifts from Santa.
During Welsh Varsity, all of them forget about schoolwork and focus on what is truly important to them, i.e., cheering for their friends and enjoying a few soft drinks.

Wearing Welsh Varsity T-shirts

All the students from undergraduate (UG) & postgraduate (PG) courses wear their customized green T-shirts which also has Welsh varsity logo designed on them. Varsity days are always better in Swansea since one can go from one side of the Sports Village to the other, see a wide variety of sporting activities, and then pack onto coaches to play funfair rides and drink more at the Liberty, now known as Stadium.

Swansea known as Sin, Sin City – Great Nightlife & Student Destination

While the line to get into the club may have extended from Dillwyn Street’s entrance to Oasis in St. Helens Road, waiting in the queue has always been the talk of the town. The line extends to Oasis because of delays. Ultimately, friends & their company is all one needs to survive that dawn of evening in the queue. Those who get to the head of the line by 10.30 pm, are considered good to go in. Fab

Freshers Need Time to Gel With Everyone

Swansea University students gets 2 weeks for freshers, plus an additional week for refreshers, following their January exams, so it’s a nice thing for them. Though one week for freshers isn’t enough to know everyone in the dorm and have anecdotes to tell at every pre-drinks gathering. One is not allowed to do so as it looks quite odd. So advice to a new bunch of international students would always be to take time & get comfortable before getting indulge with other people.

Justify if One Fails to Arrange Drinks at a Social Event

There are a lot of lovely societies at Swansea University for students interested in academics, arts, politics, student media, or everything in between.”Social” refers to frequent evenings out or social activities in many civilizations. A few were at JC’s; on Wind Street, society’s committee’s favorite pub.

About Hendrefoelan Student Village

Students who attended Swansea University are fortunate enough to live in HSV, know that it wasn’t quite as horrible as people make it out to be on the outside. Indeed, there were instances when one doesn’t get hot water, or the internet doesn’t work out. Also, a university bus once smashed into a home, but it was all in good fun. At the Wonky Sheep bar, students are served two cocktails for £5, a postbox, and a laundry service. It’s a pleasure to call HSV home. Many students lived in the same hamlet, where block parties and house-to-house events were familiar. However, Woodside and the “real settlement” were poles apart.

Bay Campus – Classy & Elegant

Most students on Singleton are envious of Bay Campus when it initially got launched. New flooring, soft couches, and a friendly, warm library replaced the scary floorboards in the brutally cold Singleton library. Instead of the old one, a new building was built, which had a faulty projector and speakers.
Students at Bay Campus wouldn’t seem out of place if you thought they were sleeping in motels. On the other hand, Bay Campus has lost its swanky image and consists mainly of bricks and uninspiring structures.

Warning Alert for Swansea Students

On the night out, Swansea University students stay away from the Met students, who are labelled as studying at a “Fake University” respectively. If you run with a student who stated they attended Swansea Met while out on Wind Street, you’d steer clear of them.

Final Conclusion

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