Post Graduation in the United Kingdom: Application Process Explained

Post Graduation in the United Kingdom: Application Process Explained

After graduation, you have a two-way road ahead of you, i.e., either doing a job or pursuing further studies. If you wish to attain a postgraduate degree from the United Kingdom and you are still unsure about the application process, you are in good luck.

Let’s see how one can apply for admission to a postgraduate course in the UK. We will also explain the e-application procedure and eligibility criteria required for pursuing postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. 

In Ph.D. programmes, applicants are usually expected to choose a suitable supervisor from the university alongside applying directly to the selected university. You can also talk to the Speak2University counselors who can help you with the overall application procedure in detail.

Why choose a postgraduate program in the UK?

The United Kingdom has quality class education facilities that have made it every student’s dream destination. Extraordinary infrastructure and experts from everywhere in the world are available here to make your learning experience memorable. So let’s get into the application process for postgraduate admissions in UK universities

E-application: What’s the Process like?

Steps to follow: 

1. Register & Apply

2. Submit Documents

3. Wait for the response

No fuss about the complex and overly complicated admission process. Now you can easily apply to your favorite college in the United Kingdom with minimal hassle. All you need to do is, visit the website, choose the course and follow the instructions. 

Once you’ve filled out your application form and submitted all the necessary documentation, you’ll be asked to wait until the college responds! Usually, you’ll get a revert in around 24 hours about the acknowledgment of your application. 

You may also need to submit a ‘Research Proposal‘ or ‘Statement of Purpose.’ This SoP defines your reason behind choosing a college or a University. SOP requirement changes as per the course you’re applying for at the university. For postgraduate admission, a 700-word long SoP satiates the appeal. 

What are the eligibility criteria?

If you possess an undergraduate or equivalent degree, you can apply for a postgraduate program in the United Kingdom. Apart from this, you’ll need some mandatory documents to apply for postgraduate admission in the United Kingdom. 

What are all documents required?

The list of required documents is as follow:

  1. Passport, national identification card: You need a valid passport which should be renewed if expired.
  2. Reference letter/ Call letter: Depending upon the university requirement, you may be asked for a reference letter. 
  3. Evidence of English competency: You might be asked to provide the Scorecard for a valid English proficiency test such as SELT
  4. Copies of degree/diploma certificates: Educational certificates are required for admission purposes.
  5. Financial support proof: You are required to provide evidence that you will be bearing the financial needs for yourself, i.e., accommodation charges, university fees, etc.
  6. Recent Passport size photographs: Lastly, you will be required to take passport size photographs. We recommend you keep plenty of them so that you can use them in case of urgency.

Summing up

We hope this helps you to apply to your favorite college in the United Kingdom. It’s as easy as applying anywhere across the globe. If you face any difficulty and need help, reach out to us. We’ll be beyond happy to help. 


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