Sheffield Hallam University gets a Green Signal for building £220m City Campus 

Sheffield Hallam University gets a Green Signal for building £220m City Campus 

Being home to almost 40,000 students ‘Sheffield Hallam University now needs to develop a bigger campus with great infrastructure and essential facilities for the existing as well as new students. The great news is that it’s now all set to build three new buildings at the campus in the first phase and for this, they have also received a ‘Yes’ from the planners to whom this plan was proposed by the university.

The work for this new infrastructure will start at the beginning of 2022 and under this project the initial reliable property higher education building would be used as the pain-gain sharing property partner. In addition, the Hallam Alliance is designed with a university, design-led consultancy BDP-Arup, contractor BAM and facilities manager CBRE who uses the modern NEC4 alliance contract as a commercial template.

This oh-so-famous alliance strives to set a benchmark by achieving the award for “best project” in the delivery and building management category in the next 5 years in the UK. It’s said that out of three new buildings built from the £220m funding one will be designed with 4-7 story buildings at a significant height. The construction for these massive buildings will take place in the recently developed 400 sq m public area known as University Green which is situated in Arundel Lane nearby the formerly destructed science park.

The interior of all the newly built three buildings includes modern technology and its measures which are being built from a viewpoint of creating a zero-carbon ready campus at Sheffield Hallam University. Sustainable energy solutions (heat pumps),  increased use of photovoltaic panels and provisions for promoting sustainable travel are implemented to build a sustainable infrastructure.

On all this news, BAM’s Paul Cleminson, Preconstruction Director in the North East stated that it’s important to work for nature to build a safe and secure environment. He also said that one should pay more attention to enhancing sustainability and green space in the environment. Overall, he thinks that people are bringing variations by correlating development, design, construction and long-term thinking on the future construction of buildings and how they’ll be utilized for different reasons.


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