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University of Nottingham to implement AI for Incarnating Assistive Robots

University of Nottingham to implement AI for Incarnating Assistive Robots

It’s the era of modern digitalization and everyone wants to lead an easy life where all the facilities are accessible within seconds. In relevance with this context, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the evolution of latest technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), Blockchain, Data Science, Augmented Reality (AR) has led to development of spectacular robotic machineries and other advancements which has completely transformed the livelihood of today’s generation.

When there’s discussion about robotics then how can we miss the latest research of the University of Nottingham performed on Assistive Robots via AI. We all know that the introduction of robots has made the life of humans much more easier as all the work gets performed quickly by the robots in a few seconds without any mishaps. The final results looks much more structured, synchronized as compared to the work done by the humans and that’s the reason most of the business sector whether it’s Health, IT, Pharmacy, Food, Hotel Industry etc. have started using robots for making their work process in a streamlined manner.

Moving back to the research topic well the researchers of the University of Nottingham decided to perform a research on robots to find out what humans think about this latest technology and what’s their fresh perception about it. To know and understand normal people thoughts from a better perspective the public fair titled as “Knowledge Café” was organized by the university on 30th June 2022. You’ll be surprised to know this fair acts as a data collection camp where data is collected from the participants for working on these research studies as realistic data help the researchers create a better robot which is designed and programmed as per the normal people needs rather than one person’s perception.

The event was a success and as per the university sources numerous people had arrived there to have a look at those “Assistive Robots” whilst immersing in a discussion where debate was held on whether these robots are a positive boon to the society or either serve a negative impact. In the event, the experts also interacted with the audience and told them the authentic data is enforced within the robots for the regulation purposes alongside telling them on how AI regulation, GDPR & legal ethics serve as a savior in reducing the unwanted risk factors. The common audience in the fair was also told that the main purpose of developing those “Assistive Robots” was to offer support to old age people in completing their tasks. Though these robots are a multitaskers and apart from assisting elderly people they have also been implemented in factories for completing the work faster, for serving food in big fat hotel & chain restaurants, for serving food and medicine to Covid-19 patients and much more. 

Professor Praminda Caleb Solly who works at the Embodied Intelligence Department at the University of Nottingham and is also the lead author of this research spoke a bit about this case study and shared her opinions about. According to her these robots hold a central role these days are highly beneficial but apart from that what needs to be understood is that they also come with certain set of pros & cons about which people need to know clearly. She wanted to know about other people’s insights because she wanted to understand if the robots are being helpful to people and are catering to them according to their needs or not. She also said that through this public fair she was able to connect with more number of people for spreading awareness about AI and its implementation in the Healthcare and other industries. Moreover, her main motive was to get real time insights from the people about the AI whilst creating a safe and research-oriented environment for the case studies.

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