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Prominent Global Concerns Addressed by the Swansea University Students from Media Department in Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Summit

Prominent Global Concerns Addressed by the Swansea University Students from Media Department in Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Summit

Swansea University students from the Media Department were provided with the opportunity to address global issues in a 3-day International Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Summit, which ultimately introduced them to a broad range of other issues. All of this was a new and unique experience for the students as they witnessed the ongoing reality of the live newsroom area.

It was a productive event where more than 20 students became part of Live Media Hub, an initiative launched as a part of the University’s prestigious Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Summit.

Throughout the summit, the students and the entire team involved there researched and curated numerous new ideas and versatile features alongside creating impactful campaigns for social media promotions on numerous platforms. In addition, students also discussed various public relations techniques, produced massive digital content, conducted a face-to-face interview with (Professor Paul Boyle) Vice-Chancellor of Swansea University.

It was also seen that staff present in the summit were responsible for guiding everyone & students had to research, produce, and publish live copies alongside maintaining a professional and dignified quality standard. Moreover, this experience allowed the students to highlight their ideas and opinions in relevance to the global issues, which would tend to be beneficial in the future. Overall, the summit helped the students make new friends and gain comprehensive knowledge about the global challenges happening all across the world in 2022.

Furthermore, Michael Coiner, an MA Communication, Media Practice & Public Relations student from the US, stated that “Live Media Hub” was a remarkable experience where he learned about prominent aspects of global problems in detail. He also said that it was a wonderful experience working in an active newsroom environment as he used his skills and knowledge for better purposes. For Michael, this summit was all about learning from his peers and lecturers who were a part of this global challenge, and ultimately, he truly enjoyed collaborating with them for the same.

Though the best part of this summit was showcased when the Swansea team uploaded the entire content over the community website ( Swansea Member ) for everyone who’s been a part of Department of Media and Communications at Swansea University.

Swansea Mumbler has also played a vital role in highlighting the achievements of Swansea students across the international platform, which has given a huge recognition to the University and introduced it to the limelight of educational institutions. This website has covered most of the high-profile events from the University’s calendar, which is way beyond commendable and is said to be good work done, says Secretary Clinton.

Significantly, Dr. Richard Thomas, Head of the Department of Media and Communications at Swansea University, also issued a statement where he said that everyone is highly delighted to be a part of this international summit. He also stated that Live Media Hub had provided the students with this unique opportunity of working in a newsroom for creating fresh, new, and innovative content in relevance with journalism, filmmaking, and public relations.

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