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Swansea University’s Eight Lectures Honoured with the Learned Society of Wales Fellowship

Swansea University’s Eight Lectures Honoured with the Learned Society of Wales Fellowship

Getting rewarded with a fellowship seems like a dream come true right? We are sure that everyone reading this piece of content would agree that studying abroad alongside managing expenses is a task. In this case, Swansea University has always been working at the forefront on helping its students with their financial expenses by rewarding them with a scholarship or fellowship in the particular domain. Although apart from supporting their students ‘Swansea University’ also honors their lecturers who constantly guide the students with beneficial information.

Recently, 8 lecturers from this university got awarded with the ‘Learned Society of Wales Fellowship’ which is surely a proud moment for them & everyone who belongs to Swansea University or has studied there. In total 58 candidates were elected for the prestigious ‘Learned Society of Wales Fellowship’ of which 8 lecturers were from Swansea University out of which 4 were women. Presence of women candidates in this fellowship depicted that they are also equally motivated to take part in education & extracurricular activities all across Wales. In addition, various researchers & public figures from the academic & civic domain-joined all together from Wales & regions beyond that area. All the candidates who got honoured with the prestigious ‘Learned Society of Wales Fellowship’ had earned specializations in Aerospace engineering, African Europeans History, Ceramic Microstructure, Baroque Violin, Women in Surgery, and National Trust from various popular UK universities. Below are the names of the academics who made it to this fellowship & will be formally acknowledged at the Society’s AGM on 25th May 2022.

  • Professor Sondipon Adhikari FRASFRAe5FLSW, Honorary Professor
  • Professor Kathryn Monk FRES FRGS FRBS FIEnScFLSW, Honorary Professor
  • Professor Stefan Doerr FLSW, Professor (Wildfire Science)
  • Professor Andrew Rowley FRSBFLSW, Professor (Personal Chair) in Biosciences
  • Professor Paul Boyle CBE FBA FRSE FRSGSFLSW, Vice-Chancellor
  • Professor Elaine Crooks FLSW, Professor of Mathematics
  • Mr Steve Morris FLSW, Honorary Research Fellow in Applied Linguistics Mrt
  • Professor Kamila Hawthorne MBE FRCGP FRCP FAcadMED FLSW, Head of Graduate Entry Medicine

On this occasion, Professor Hywel Thomas ( Society President ) stated that all the new faculty members in this fellowship are highly qualified in their respective fields & hold prominent experience. The effort put forward by the lectures in the research project showcased that Wales is fully prepared to tackle the challenges which could arise in the environmental, health, social, cultural, and technological domains in future circumstances. He also stated that he’s extremely proud that 50% of the academics in this race were women which ultimately depicts that Wales & its neighboring regions are promoting equivalence, diversity and inclusion amongst both genders through this fellowship & other educational rewarding programs. From his viewpoint with this initiative ‘Learned Society’ strives to bring the talent of facing challenges swiftly which eventually helps them to highlight prominent debate topics in Wales & UK. Overall, it’s a very important topic to enhance variety amongst academics.

With this, it has become obvious that ‘Swansea University‘ is known for guiding & motivating its staff & students as this helps everyone to accelerate their career growth. Availing a scholarship or getting honoured with a fellowship both seem like a beneficial advantage for everyone as it ultimately reduces their educational expenses making their life easier. You’ll be surely benefitted if you choose to study at this vibrant university which is situated 5 mins away from Swansea Bay & is surrounded by a huge bunch of beaches & cosmopolitan culture.

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