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University of Dundee Honours Indian Researcher with a Fellowship in 2022

University of Dundee Honours Indian Researcher with a Fellowship in 2022

Scholarships & Fellowships are definitely the most important aspect of the education timeline. The scholarship is awarded to those meritorious students who show exceptional talent in academics or any other background (sports, theatre) whereas a fellowship is a specific funding amount which is given to the assistant professors and researchers for working on their case studies. The prominent importance of fellowship is quite equivalent to the scholarship still both differ in their ways. Talking about fellowship and its importance well it’s a highly sought-after reward by every professor/ researcher once in their entire life because due to this collecting resources and other essential pieces of equipment for their research study becomes much easier. The funding amount when used generously by the lecturers & researchers helps them to achieve their goals at the earliest which instantly pushes them to do something greater in life.

Recently, Dr Sourav Banerjee (Principal Investigator Cellular Medicine & School of the Medicine ~ University of Dundee) an Indian Origin Researcher who’s completed his schooling from Kolkata & B.Tech (Biotechnology) from Raj Foundation Colleges, Mumbai has been awarded the ‘UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship’ for his unique research in the field of brain cancer. He has been working on finding out the applicable methods for the diagnosis and detection of Stage 4-Brain Cancer as till date the available methods term to show very poor accuracy which sometimes leads to irrelevant consequences in the future. To avoid this medical ruckus he came up with this idea and chose to work on it so as to help the medical fraternity worldwide.

He’s been awarded huge funding of £1.49 million for this beneficial research which would be conducted at the School of Medicine of the University of Dundee and would allow him to discuss his ideas with other researchers for a cooperative result. Through this research, he’s also looking forward to working together with the skilled & experienced clinical professionals & researchers from the University of Dundee, University of Edinburgh, Imperial College of London & the Mayo Clinic USA respectively.

About his research, Dr Sourav Banerjee stated that he’s extremely delighted with the acknowledgement he has received from the ‘UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship’ for his research project. He further thanked UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship, all his mentors, collaborators, friends & colleagues from in and outside Dundee who have continuously supported him now throughout his research and have been motivating him to carry forward his research for demonstrating the positive result at the end for the betterment of brain cancer patients.

Knowledge Hour : Glioblastoma Multiforme – Stage 4 has very limited treatment methods according to the medical health professionals & researchers. It’s a malignant tumor which sweeps and grows rapidly affecting the brain and spinal cord eventually generating some harmful pressure in the brain. Patients who suffer from this disease have very less chances of surviving and only 1 out of 5 survive out of all the brain cancer patients.

Looking at all of this Dr Sourav Banerjee opted to do something good for resolving this issue. The main objective of his research is to find out the main motive of extracellular translation mutations which lead to the development of Stage 4 Brain Cancer. According to the researchers, various extracellular substrates such as cytokines, growth factors & interleukins are highly phosphorylated during the development of glioma malignancy in the human body.

Dr Sourav Banerjee along with his team is looking forward to explaining the oncogenic role of all those extracellular substrates which phosphorylate whilst developing spectacular novel therapeutic paradigms for the GBM (Glioblastoma Multiforme – Stage 4) cancer patients. Apart from all this, a new blood test for analyzing the development of low-grade and high-grade tumors in brain cancer will also be invented by the researchers in this team during the research analysis. Overall, the development of prognostic and medicinal biomarkers of GBM is the main purpose of this research alongside working on the other testing parameters simultaneously.

The UKRI Team is very confident about his research project and surely knows well that Dr Sourav will showcase outstanding research outcomes soon and that’s the reason they have granted this funding to him for his research analysis. The results of this research would be ground-breaking as various intelligent minds would come together to work on this research which would lead to new ideas, multiple experiments, and implementation of varied resources bringing good news for brain cancer patients.

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