University of Nottingham Publishes Latest Report on Pharmacogenomic Testing, Safety & Effectiveness of Common Medicines

University of Nottingham Publishes Latest Report on Pharmacogenomic Testing, Safety & Effectiveness of Common Medicines

University of Nottingham has been ranked 8th in the UK for its excellent research output & more than 97% of its research has been recognized internationally as per the results published by Research Excellence Framework 2014. They have also been awarded ‘Gold’ for ‘Outstanding Teaching & Learning’ by Teaching Excellence Framework 2017-18 which establishes its honor amongst the other UK universities built-in & around the UK.

University of Nottingham is fairly known for its research parameters all across the globe. Recently, Guruprasad Aithal {Professor of Hepatology (School of Medicine) ~ University of Nottingham} released an informative report on ‘Personalised Prescribing: Using Pharmacogenomics to Improve Patient Outcome’ which asserted the correct method of deploying pharmacogenomic testing across the NHS ( National Health Service, England). This method depicts why all the patients should be equally prescribed a certain dose of safe medicine with only minimum side effects.

This report also showcased that medicinal effects vary from person to person. It could work positively for someone but on the other hand, could lead to negative side effects in future for other people. The dosage requirement is also different for everyone as only a certain amount of medicine is required by each body to get cured properly. In this same context, scientists have also worked a lot & have published a report which states that due to genetic causes such variation is seen amongst the people. Till now 40 different medicines have been analysed & examined for this purpose. Although, out of these 40 medicines, pharmacogenomic tests are available only for certain ones at NHS (National Health Service, England) & not for all. Medicines that don’t include any tests comprise painkillers, beta-blockers & antidepressants which are known as some of the most common painkillers.

Available Pharmacogenomic Test at NHS (National Health Service, England)

📌Abacavir – Treatment of HIV
📌5-Fluorouracil – Cancer Treatment (Only Specific)

This report has concluded all the elements in one place about the implementation of pharmacogenomic testings in the medicines & has also emphasized on this fact that these testings should be enforced in the GP, surgeries, hospitals, clinics & all the labs situated across the UK. In addition, the report also incorporates certain recommendations for the deployment of these tests which includes delivery of adequate education and training to the people & members of the medical fraternity about these tests, pharmacogenomic advisory assistance for doctors & a massive amount of central allowance via the legitimate commissional processes in all the fournations for avoiding the postcode lottery which could lead to unwanted inequalities.

With so much information, this report deserves applause & for this reason, a short commentary of this report will get published in the ‘British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology‘ where it’s mentioned that almost 99% of the human population exhibits such genetic variations.

Moreover, the main man behind this report Guruprasad Aithal stated that at times there are huge variations in the working procedure of the medicines & each medicine works differently for every person. He also stated that currently, he’s aware of prominent genetic variations which impact approximately 40 medicines ( as mentioned above ) & is also on talking terms with NHS (National Health Service, England, UK ) for implementing genetic tests for other medicines too to enhance the safety & medicine prescription efficiency for the patients.

This was all about the latest research performed by the University of Nottingham’s notable professors & other team members for the welfare of people to generate more awareness about pharmacogenomic testing & effectiveness in a detailed manner. Students who study here tend to learn a lot from the professors and in future excel as successful professionals. In case you’re someone who’s interested in studying abroad & is searching for a university where you can enrol for the course of your dreams then it’s here as the University of Nottingham is the one! You can get in touch with Speak2University experts to get enrolled here. Our experts will assist you throughout the admission procedure until you reach the university safely. Good Luck. Also, have a look at some of the most popular courses taught at the University of Nottingham from the list mentioned below.

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