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University of York Felicitates Students for their Volunteering Actions

University of York Felicitates Students for their Volunteering Actions

Being a university student comes with numerous responsibilities & one needs to constantly take part in various activities organized within the university campus either to boost their interest or to help others as and when required in relevance to any issue. When it comes to helping ,i.e., volunteering, students studying here opt to join happily as this helps to gain thorough knowledge about that issue whilst solving them with a power pack solution. Good amount of hard work, commitment, sincerity and dedication is put forward by the students while volunteering which calls for appreciating their constant effort.

In pertinence to the same context lately the University of York organized an award ceremony to reward 1000 students who worked around 27,000 hours in the local areas for abolishing the terrible health and wellbeing conditions out there. These students also worked generously to remove the feeling of loneliness from the people who are struggling to find their inner potential for achieving their goals. For this purpose, they were said to be paid minimum wages for their volunteering activity.

Talking about the award ceremony well it was organized on 7th June 2022 at the Guildhall & was hosted by BBC Radio York’s Elly Fiorentini  for rewarding students who showed decent exceptional skills, immense gratitude and generous concern while volunteering with sixteen diversified organizations. Two very well-renowned personalities ,i.e, The Lord Mayor of York & The Sheriff of York presented awards to the eligible students & further also congratulated them for their achievements.

On receiving this award for her volunteering contribution to the ‘Move the Masses’- Jessica Scrimshire (2nd Year Biology Student ~ University of York) stated that she’s extremely happy and since always have loved volunteering with this organization. She also said that the core initiative of the ‘Move the Masses’ is to take out vulnerable people from their loneliness zone through a series of physical exercises. According to her, it’s a very good initiative for improvising the well-being of isolated people. After lockdown people got too much indulged in their comfort zone so bringing them out of it and making them take part in running, walking and other exercises have become an important necessity for diverting them towards a positive perspective of leading a happy life. She enjoyed working with new faces in the local community and interacted with all of them in a very positive manner whilst being at the university. Apart from Jessica, there were numerous other students and the community who showed their gratitude in this award ceremony out of which one is ‘The Snappy Trust’ who thanked all the students in their team for working wholeheartedly throughout the volunteering timeline.

On this delightful occasion, Professor Matt Matravers (Chairman ~ University’s Community Volunteering Committee) from the University of York said that all the regional and international students who study at this university have a very poised aura and have always been at the forefront of volunteering and helping needy people every time. He also stated that he’s very glad that all the students from the ‘University of York’ continued to volunteer throughout the global pandemic and understood their prominent responsibilities towards the nation which is a relatively proud moment for everyone at York. From nursery schools, mental health, animal welfare, helping old age people to much more there were various organizations for which students volunteered while studying at the university.

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