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Book of Aberystwyth University Graduate Features in the UK’s Best Sellers Fiction List

Book of Aberystwyth University Graduate Features in the UK’s Best Sellers Fiction List

The first book by a creative writing graduate from Aberystwyth University has made it to the Sunday Times Bestsellers List. A few days after its publication, Susan: ‘Stokes-Chapman’ surpassed Richard Osman’s: ‘The Man Who Died Twice’ as the UK’s best-selling hardback fiction book.

When Susan was a teenager, she moved from Lichfield, Staffordshire, to Aberystwyth University, where she earned a BA in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing.

After hearing the news, Susan expressed her surprise and awe, & started, “I never anticipated that the book would be so highly appreciated by everyone”. After just three days of release, my book has risen to the top of the Sunday Times Bestseller List, and I’m so overwhelmed with such good response.

When she was studying for my MA in English & Creative Writing at Aberystwyth, it significantly impacted her writing career. The MA degree deepened her love for literature, gave her technical and editorial skills that she’ll never forget, and also her professors were always there encouraging her throughout her journey at the university. She further stated that during her college days she came up with the idea for her first book, which has been shelved now but without working on it she wouldn’t have learned the crucial aspects of writing in a detailed manner. After all this time, Pandora’s success is quite astonishing.

According to Professor Richard Marggraf Turley of Aberystwyth University’s Department of English and Creative Writing, “Susan’s fascination with the dark corners of Georgian London was already evident as an undergraduate at Aberystwyth, and her passion for the period took fire during her Master’s in Creative Writing With Pandora, she’s accomplished the rare feat of writing a book that’s both historically accurate and engaging enough to keep the readers turning the pages. Her accomplishments make us immensely happy. As a former student, she joins a lengthy roster of accomplished artists.

Pandora is a rough reworking of the Greek Story Pandora’s Box, which is interlaced with themes of secrets and deceit, love and fulfilment, destiny and hope. It was set in London in 1799. A promising Jeweller named Dora Blake meets her authoritarian uncle, who wants to keep a priceless old vase hidden from her.

“We’re totally happy that Pandora has scored No.1 in the charts, and it’s a credit to Susan’s creativity, skill and hard work as a writer and her wonderful imagination,” said Liz Foley, Publishing Director at Stokes-publisher Chapman’s Harvill Secker. A fantastic future awaits her, and this is just the beginning.

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Award-winning Teen Fiction Author – Hayley Long, Man Booker Prize-nominated Novelist Sarah Hall, Bestselling Thriller Writer Kate Hamer, Poet and Fiction Writer Richard Georges, Francesca Rhydderch, Prize-winning Poet Maria Apichella, and Eluned Gramich, are another notable batch of alumni from Department of English and Creative Writing of Aberystwyth University. Clearly, the university holds a good future for the international students & comes along with assorted benefits too. Make your way towards ‘Aberystwyth University now!

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