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400 New Postgraduate Scholarships to be Created by the University of Bristol

400 New Postgraduate Scholarships to be Created by the University of Bristol

The University of Bristol will be adding up to 400 new postgraduate scholarships for PG students. The annual investment of £4.2m, totaling around £16.8m over the next four years, gives Bristol’s world-class institute global recognition which aims to attract a huge bunch of students to study here.

These PG research scholarships will be available at the University’s 6 Faculties & 25 Schools, creating an array of varied and diversified research for the students. It’s reported that the scholars will revive a stipend and can cover their tuition fees through this scholarship if they create breakthroughs on subjects such as medical engineering, atmospheric chemistry, and climate change.

This fund benefits the University of Bristol in many ways which ought to be highly beneficial. It builds on the Black Bristol Scholarship Programme, the Sanctuary Scholarship Scheme, and many other scholarships available at the university.

Meanwhile, the Bristol students recently discovered how city gardens make a predominant nectar supply which is energy-rich and how a small dinosaur, later on, evolved to the biggest dinosaur species.

Recently, Science Creates, a firm founded by an ex-postgraduate researcher Dr Harry Destecroix, opened its 2nd specialised incubator in Bristol. Professor Hugh Brady, President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Bristol said that the postgraduate (PG) researchers are pushing the boundaries of the research fields and building an innovative world that is transforming the site of research & education.

He further added that the researchers are responsible for the unique breakthroughs in sharing new ideas and technology on which we humans will rely in the future. Many of these will teach others, inspiring the  the younger generation of researchers and students.

He also mentioned that this announcement would be a huge moment for the future of academic research. The announcement comes more than 100 years after the University of Bristol awarded its first PhD degree.

Dr Lily Batten’s study on ‘The British kind of Genus Polysiphonia’ was approved by the University’s Board of Examiners on May 5th, 1921. Since then, over 11,000 PhD degrees have been granted.

Some other known staff of the University of Bristol also expressed their thoughts about the same. Professor Robert Bickers, the Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Research, gave credit to the postgraduate researchers for transforming the university into something big in today’s date.

He mentioned about the tremendous impact research leaves at the international level, across different societies. He further added that even if they face many other challenges in the post-pandemic world, the new researchers trained at the University of Bristol will be a vanguard in tackling these. He said he is delighted to witness the increasing support for postgraduate research, and this will expand Bristol’s tradition too.

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