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Swansea University Student Make Everyone Proud by Winning Two Awards at Parliamentary Science Competition

Swansea University Student Make Everyone Proud by Winning Two Awards at Parliamentary Science Competition

International students hailing from different parts of the world choose to study at Swansea University due to its well-structured course curriculum which is specifically designed by academic professionals keeping this aspect in mind that students learn everything about the subject starting from scratch to the highest level to enhance their knowledge. All the experts at Swansea University pay massive attention while teaching the students about all the fundamentals associated with the course as this ultimately shapes the peers for spectacular work opportunities, workshops & academic competitions held at national & international levels.

Winning awards, rankings & accreditations has made ‘Swansea University‘ recognized at the global level. It got proven recently when John Hudson ( PhD Researcher at Swansea University) got awarded two different prizes at the scientific poster competition ,i.e., STEM for BRITAIN held at the UK Parliament. This competition was specifically held to provide authentic insight to the politicians about the spectacular research work performed by the upcoming researchers from the various UK universities. PhD Researchers who showcased outstanding performance in intellectual science, engineering or mathematics domain & explained its prominent concepts effortlessly to the common audience got awarded in this ceremony held recently this year.

Talking about John Hudson’s research work for which he bagged ‘No.1 Rank in Dyson Award’ & ‘Bronze Award for Chemistry’; Dr Emrys Evans (John’s PhD Supervisor ~ Swansea University) stated that he’s extremely proud of John & his achievement. It’s a glorious moment for everyone at Swansea University as John got to share his extraordinary research on core aspects of chemistry & sustainable science with renowned parliament leaders who also appreciated his research work.

About this experience, John stated that it was indeed a wonderful opportunity for him to explain the¬†integral parameters of his research work to a normal audience. According to him, such competitions evolve out as a potential opportunity for the researchers as they get to explain about advanced scientific knowledge arising in society to the normal people. For him getting awarded two different prizes at ‘STEM for BRITAIN’ for his radical molecule research work is indeed a big achievement and he’s happy that he’s representing ‘Swansea University’ at such a high level amongst the leading parliament members. He also believes that being a young researcher who contributes significantly to the development of semiconductors & other advanced materials in South Wales it’s very much needed so that their efforts get recognized by the people at the national level & they receive praiseworthy opinions.

This event was¬†organized by the members of the parliament for rewarding the early stage PhD students for their research work. Stephen Metcalfe ( Member of Parliament & Chair of the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee ) stated that ‘Parliamentary & Scientific Committee’ got extremely overwhelmed on getting the opportunity to organize the ‘STEM for BRITAIN’,i.e, science poster competition for the students studying at UK universities & enjoyed doing the same for the students. Through this programme, both the students & Members of the Parliament got the opportunity to interact with each other. All Parliament Members gave extremely meaningful speeches to the intelligent researchers who make it to the ceremony alongside engaging in a cordial relationship with them which includes praising them for their research work. He also stated that these PhD researchers who are working on unique & innovative research projects in the field of engineering, mathematics & science are the faces of the upcoming future so for them ‘STEM for BRITAIN’ is indeed a powerful opportunity for raising their career graph in front of the parliament leaders.

With this achievement, ‘Swansea University’ has grabbed the central limelight again & has once again become the favourite study destination opted by international students for study abroad in the UK. In terms of ‘Student Satisfaction’ they have been ranked 6th in the UK by National Student Survey (NSS) 2020. For graduate employability, it’s ranked under ‘Top 10’ UK universities by Destination of Leavers from Higher Education 2018 for upgrading the career prospects of the students who pass out from this university as they tend to grab wonderful job opportunities.

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