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University of Dundee Named as Most Affordable City in the UK for the Students

University of Dundee Named as Most Affordable City in the UK for the Students

It is the wish of almost everyone that everything comes at an affordable price as managing life may become much easier then. The same thing is applied to the students whether they’re studying in India or abroad as managing expenses in the right manner is a tough task but if done smartly then it balances life. Talking about students who wish to study abroad, well, the first question which arises in their mind is how affordable fees, groceries, books & accommodation is and depending on that they calculate their finances before moving to any country abroad for further education.UK universities are termed to be the most prestigious of all as the maximum number of international students head to the UK so that’s the reason all the UK universities charge standard fees from the students which can be easily afforded by them.

In this context, the University of Dundee proves to be the most affordable university in the UK as the fees charged by the students are relatively less & inexpensive for the students. You’ll not feel that you’re burning a hole in your pocket nor will your parents be burdened with such an excessive amount. Also, students who exhibit exceptional academic background or excel in some other department like sports ; art forms etc. are awarded a scholarship amount on fulfilling the specified eligibility criteria by the university. Also, results of the NSS (National Student Survey) 2021 showcased that 78.3% of students studying a full-time undergraduate degree (UG) at the University of Dundee are totally satisfied with the course curriculum in the most recent National Student survey. It was also awarded the ‘University of the Year‘ award in 2020 for providing an excellent student experience. With all these facts it’s clear that the University of Dundee has made its mark in the education line by being the most opted & affordable university by international students.

Recently, Oxford Royale (International Education Provider) stated this highly ranked university seems to be very reasonable for all the students. Data from numerous factors such as student accommodation, taxi fare, food & grocery were taken into the record from the students and post the research analysis it was concluded that students spend only £150 approximately for their expenses on the weekly basis. Moreover, the amount could go up & down depending on students requirements too. The data collected for this research also showcased that as University of Dundee is built in a Dundee city which is highly cheap hence the cost of student accommodation and taxi fares come to only £106 & £10 which is a very decent amount and can be easily afforded by the international students.

During the discussion of this research analysis; Lari {Ghanaian Student & Vice President of Students Association (DUSA)~ University of Dundee} stated that it’s extremely tough on being an international student but for her & all those regional & international students who study at University of Dundee things have always been in favour for them. There’s nothing to worry about expenses & stuff as everything is very affordable here as compared to other cities in the UK. It’s also because students have access to all the facilities ,i.e, library, shops, restaurants, sports centre & swimming pools inside the university campus itself or located nearby to each other. Students also get to chill & relax in the peaceful environment which is surrounded by greeneries all over.

She also stated that the University of Dundee Student Association (DUSA) is always available at the university campus to help the students & modify things as per their convenience. The association always focuses on keeping minimum costs for the things which are affordable to the students and is highly competitive about it too. Also, bus services are available free of cost for the students who study till late at night in the library or are travelling from somewhere to the university campus. To add to this, the best part about ‘University of Dundee’ affordability feature is its recycling criteria. All the items which are old, new or not needed by the old students are handed over to the recycle hub on the campus from where new students can take whatever they feel is of their use and save money. Overall, it’s a warm, sustainable and close knit community at the University of Dundee where students & staff share cordial relationships & DUSA team members always implement schemes beneficial for the students.

From science, law, and engineering to business students there are abundant courses to choose from & are taught by leading experts at this internationally recognised university. We are quite sure that after reading all these good facts about the University of Dundee you must be surely looking forward to studying here right? If not you then maybe for your cousin, friend, siblings or any other relative who’s looking out for an affordable university in the UK for studying purposes in association with additional study benefits too.

Although, apart from finding the right course there are various other factors which need to be considered such as filling in an application form, and applying for a UK study visa & much more so for getting everything aligned at the right pace you need Speak2University experts who’ll help you with filling the application form, writing statement of purpose, document verification & much more. Meanwhile, you can also have a look at a few popular courses below for which the University of Dundee is known & if you wish to study any of them then our experts will brief you about the same.


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