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University of Bristol Brings Good Luck for Spin-Out Company by Raising £1 Million Funding Amount

University of Bristol Brings Good Luck for Spin-Out Company by Raising £1 Million Funding Amount

We all know that the ‘University of Bristol’ is one of the most known universities in the UK where students from different countries arrive to study & enhance their understanding skills. From data science, and law to molecular biology there are many courses available for the students & each one is supremely versatile in their own way. In terms of rankings, they have been ranked at 9th,14th & 58th place by the QS World Rankings 2021 for the criteria of best UK universities along with other universities who made it to this list. The employability scale also proves to be excellent by the ‘University of Bristol’ as they have secured 49th rank out of 768 educational institutions from all across the globe for accelerating the employability prospects for the students.

Talking about business companies owned by the University of Bristol we have something good to discuss right now. Recently, Lineat Composites Limited ( Spin Out Company ) from the University of Bristol managed to raise £1 million in funds only by financing in the initial seed rounds which termed to be very profitable for everyone. This company terms to be an outcome of the EPSRC ( Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council ) research which was funded by the High-Performance Discontinuous Fibre at the University of Bristol and focused on facilitating a patented process in which reclaimed carbon fibre would be implemented for manufacturing a fibre aligned carbon tape for the commercial usage.

In this context three main personalities associated with both the parties gave their opinion. Starting from the Mark White Investment Director ~ UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund (UKI2S) who said that because of results showcased by Lineat Composites Limited they got to understand the unwanted challenges which arise in the recycling of the carbon composites sector. He also said that now with the help of this spin-out company they’re very excited to change the entire picture of carbon recycling along with creating a sustainable environment for carbon composites which is growing rapidly worldwide.

Next was, Gary Owen ( Chief Executive Officer – Lineat Composites Limited ) who stated that the massive investment comes in starting from the ‘Innovate UK ICURe Grant’ & another set of huge investment from the University’s Evergreen Fund will be utilised for establishing Lineat as the main leader for the expansion of composites world.

Last but not the least, Ed Stevenson a prominent member of FCC (Further Capital Contribution) asserted that their entire team was very happy on leading the Lineat Composites Limited funding round along with the University of Bristol. He also said that as there’s so much usage of carbon in the environment, hence it’s very necessary that there should be an implementation of sustainable ways to recycle all the carbon which gets produced during the manufacturing procedure. The entire team of Lineat Composites Limited are very familiar with this initiative and are the perfect people to carry out the same for building a sustainable environment. In addition, with this initiative, two things,i.e, enactment of commercial methods to use the carbon fibre appropriately alongside decreasing the harmful impact on the environment could be achieved at the same time in the future seamlessly. This all surely seems very exciting for everyone who’s associated with the Lineat and everyone is looking forward to the development of sustainable carbon recycling ahead in the upcoming timeline.

Overall, it’s completely proven now that the most prestigious ‘University of Bristol’ knows how to secure the central limelight by helping students, staff & famous business organisations. It’s quite obvious that funding is very essential for the UK universities & other businesses associated with them for building great infrastructure and generating more employability for the students .Apart from teaching spectacular course modules to the students the management also focuses on forming great business partnerships with renowned companies for helping them in funds generation in case they want to start their own ventures. It’s all about working as a team & growing with each other.

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