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Ulster University Shines Bright in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 Rankings

Ulster University Shines Bright in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 Rankings

Ulster University is known for performing remarkable study in diversified departments for the benefit of society. From medicine, business, and economics to engineering, psychology and biotechnology there are so many divisions in which highly qualified researchers have contributed their 100% effort to generate a successful outcome. Based on all the case studies submitted to REF 2021 ‘Ulster University’ was placed jointly at the 1st position after being analyzed on various research parameters by the jury members.

In the REF 2021 rankings, 97% of the research from the ‘Ulster University’ has been rated as outstanding and it’s also stated that the maximum percentage of research has created a significant impact on the world and has reached a wider population living across the globe. In addition, 80% of the research impact of this prestigious university has been rated as world-leading or internationally excellent which is a big achievement for all the hard work put in by the researchers of this university. It has also been ranked No.1 in Northern Ireland for 6 different subjects which are Psychology, Business & Management Studies, Built Environment, Geography and Architecture by REF 2021 for promoting and delivering informative research & course content amongst the students.

With so much recognition it’s obvious that ‘Ulster University’ is achieving greater heights every day and has become the spearhead in the field of research and development. That’s the reason REF 2021 has placed them in the ‘Top 10%’ along with other universities who showcase research impact (4* & 3*) in their respective projects & has been leaving a long-term positive impact on the societies & various economies situated worldwide. The research performed by the experts of this university is worked upon with the focused vision in which researchers aim to benefit the community in the longer run. Due to tremendous hard work and dedication put in by everyone at ‘Ulster University’ the final results have come to be extremely fantastic as 87% of the research from this university is rated as world-leading or internationally excellent and they have also accelerated to the 4% star rating which is asserted as the highest benchmark achieved by any university.

Although, apart from all this ‘Ulster University‘ has also been ranked 1st jointly in three different categories separately which is surely a win-win moment for them. Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 is held once every seven years so a huge amount of evaluation and data analysis is done by collecting authentic information from various UK universities for the final assessment after which the results are announced on their official website. Moreover, the categories in which ‘Ulster University’ has received 1st Rank jointly are mentioned below in a neat context.

  • Ulster University has been ranked jointly 1st in the UK for 5 assorted departments ,i.e., Performing Arts, Dance, Screen Studies, Music & Drama respectively.
  • It has also been ranked jointly 1st in the UK for showcasing a world-leading research environment for the working professionals who belong to the Allied Health department.
  • They have also generated informative research in the field of 12 varied subjects** for which Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 has ranked them jointly at No.1 position and has also stated that 100% of their research impact in all these departments is significantly world-leading & internationally excellent.

**Names of 12 Subjects :

  1. Psychology
  2. Computer Science, Engineering
  3. Architecture & the Built Environment
  4. Geography & Environmental Studies
  5. Social Work & Social Policy
  6. Education
  7. Sport & Exercise Science
  8. Modern Languages & Linguistics
  9. Art & Design
  10. Music Drama Dance
  11. Performing Arts & Screen Studies
  12. Media Studies & Business & Management Studies


Talking about these achievements; Professor Paul Bartholomew (Vice Chancellor~ Ulster University) stated that getting ranked in the REF 2021 is certainly a very great moment for Ulster University. It’s the result of 7 years of intense hard work, effort and dedication which is put forward by the researchers who have equally contributed to all the research projects analyzed by the REF 2021. He further thanked and congratulated all the experts who were part of various research plans and also said that they truly deserved this winning mark.

Well with this we have come to the end and now we all know why ‘Ulster University’ seems to be one of the most popular study destinations abroad opted by the international students. For students who are keen learners and wish to gain broad & detailed insights into the research projects, this university seems to be the perfect learning hub for them. It’s because students in undergraduate (UG) & postgraduate (PG) degrees also get a chance to work on a dissertation project on the topic of their choice under the guidance of experts. Through this, they build their proficiency in the subject and also learn practical aspects of the same before heading towards the PhD degree.

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