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University of Sheffield Pledges to Help Ukraine Refugees With £1 Million Relief Fund

University of Sheffield Pledges to Help Ukraine Refugees With £1 Million Relief Fund

The conflict which has taken place between the two major countries ,i.e., Russia & Ukraine messed up a lot of things for Ukraine. It has been a tough time for the people living there, especially for the regional & international students who were studying there. Though things got terrible, India & other neighboring countries pledged to help the students and eventually rescued them from Ukraine. Apart from this various other UK universities also provided help to the people who were fleeing from Ukraine in some other way either by offering them food, shelter or some funds. One such university that is helping Ukraine Refugees with full commitment is the University of Sheffield who has pledged in a bid to provide £1 million of funding to all those individuals who fled from Ukraine and are looking for shelter in the UK.

Recognized as the most prestigious university in the UK; ‘University of Sheffield‘ is known for its sweet & warm gestures showcased to staff & students. International students who enroll at this university receive constant help & support from the ‘University of Sheffield Student Association‘ for their personal, professional and educational needs. They have also been ranked 93rd out of ‘Top 10’ universities in the world by QS World University Rankings 2021. In terms of career, they have been also ranked as No.1 by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020. With all this, it’s quite evident that from education, accommodation, and employment to providing constant help to the students the ‘University of Sheffield’ always stands at the forefront.

Talking about the main context of this blog which is related to the Ukraine Russia War. Since the break out of the this War in Ukraine the entire fraternity (Staff, Students & Student’s Union Members) of the ‘University of Sheffield‘ has been working altogether 24*7 to provide the best range of services to the new & existing students studying in Ukraine. The help is provided to the students in relevance to their educational needs which includes providing accommodation space to the students, offering decent scholarships to the new & existing students, emergency funding for current students studying in Ukraine (only for those students who need the extra amount to fund their studies), opening up job opportunities alongside providing them spectacular training in the English language for brushing up their communication skills. In terms of scholarships, the university has also pledged to offer ’10 Sanctuary Scholarships‘ to those regional students from the Ukraine who have suffered drastically due to this traumatic war & have been constantly ill-treated in their home country. This scholarship would benefit the students in two ways as it would cover their entire tuition fees expenses & they will also receive £9,840 for managing their living expenses for each year of study duration.

Talking about the implementation & availability of the scholarships well it’s offered to the students under two conditions ,i.e, first, if the student is willing to join as a new student at the University of Sheffield in September intake or second if the student can transfer their degree from the Ukraine University in which they were currently pursuing their education to the University of Sheffield. Both the options are open for the students and one can opt for any one as per their convenience. The implementation of these services by the University of Sheffield has made things very much easier for the students fleeing from Ukraine & it’s not the first time that this university has been helping refugee students as in the past also it has helped students who fled from Iraq, Syria or Palestine wars by offering them the help they needed.

This helping initiative is open to both the staff & students who have fled from Ukraine. Since the Russian Ukraine Conflict, the management of the University of Sheffield has been in constant touch with all the staff & students from the affected countries & has been also offering them help through well-being assistance & financial means. For all those staff members who fled from the Ukraine war special support from the HR Department of Sheffield would be provided to them regularly as stated by the management. The HR Team will stay in regular contact with the line managers to understand what help the staffs need alongside providing them with the same. Although apart from helping staff & students the University of Sheffield is also looking forward to lending a helping hand to the Ukraine universities so that they can build their infrastructure once again for rolling in the education industry once again.

Coming to the main context of this initiative it eventually became possible only because the University of Sheffield exhibits strong partnerships with three renowned organizations ,i.e, At-Risk Academics (CARA), Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF Alliance), Institute of International Education & Ukrainian Scholars at Risk Scheme respectively as all of these organizations worked as a team for helping the students who fled from Ukraine. This partnership ultimately proved to be very successful as by now various students have already been receiving help from the university as per their requirements whereas others will be encouraged to join Sheffield as soon as possible for a bright future far away from that unstable atmosphere.

Moreover, it’s quite obvious that managing such a big responsibility is indeed a task but the entire fraternity of the University of Sheffield is working cooperatively with numerous organizations from Sheffield & South Yorkshire to provide the best help to the students fleeing from Ukraine. Also, apart from Ukraine, there are various other countries to which the university has been lending a helping hand by offering food & shelter to the refugees. For accommodation purposes, 200 rooms have been registered by the university as per the Homes for Ukraine Scheme which is mainly for providing accommodation to the ones fleeing from Ukraine but can also be utilized by the refugees fleeing from other countries.

Well, now we have come to the end and it’s a wrap on the generous initiative by this university. Moreover, all the students who study at the University of Sheffield gain thorough knowledge about their subject & are simultaneously also taught to offer help to everyone as and when required. This depicts that the university focuses on teaching the students about the core ethics & values along with the theoretical knowledge as it ultimately shapes the students as genuine individuals in the future. So have you made up your mind to study here & want to know about some trending courses taught at this university? Check out the list mentioned below & let Speak2University experts know if something fits your box. You can also book a free consultation call for better guidance from experts.

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