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Queen’s University Belfast Researcher States Continuous Wandering in Children Can Affect Their Minds

Queen’s University Belfast Researcher States Continuous Wandering in Children Can Affect Their Minds

Queen’s University Belfast has always been into research for generating more awareness in the society. With so much evolution in the modern era, there’s always something unique and visionary on which the researchers work & showcase outstanding results. In recent times, Dr Agnieszka Graham (Lecturer ~ Applied Development Psychology Department at Queen’s University Belfast) worked on a research study in which she collected data from 97 children aged between 6-11 years and analyzed whether they were in a mind wandering state & are focused on listening to what they’re told at that moment.

During this research, she & her team interacted with those children every two minutes and asked them a particular question to see whether they were listening to them & remembered what was told to them or not. After some time, they asked the children the same question again to which only a few responded & the rest were mind-wandering most of the time & couldn’t escape from it too. Though it was just for a quarter of the time like just for 25% approximately still the issue required serious attention by the parents & teachers who are responsible for nurturing a child during his/her development phase. During this research, it was also concluded that ‘Mind Wandering’ frequency doesn’t change with the age amongst the children but leaves a significant impact on their learnings. It was seen that those children whose minds wandered the most remembered only a few instances as compared to those children who wandered more often.

As per Dr Agnieszka Graham, this research was necessary to analyze the mind wandering regularity amongst the children as it’s seen that most of the children who visit school these days mind wander a lot in the classroom which hampers their learning & thinking skills to a huge extent. She also stated that often teachers take this mind wandering scenario as a sense of disrespectful behavior if a child fails to respond or gives a wrong answer to the question at that moment. From her perspective, both adults and children experience mind wandering but it’s more frequent in children who visit school nowadays . Just like adults are unable to focus at times on their work it’s the same with the children & they’re unable to concentrate during school hours while the teacher is explaining something to them. It’s seen that their mind wanders for a certain time during the school hours and that’s where they lack focus from studies.

Talking about her research study, Dr Agnieszka Graham said that from her research outcomes she has concluded that if all the prominent reasons and consequences of mind wandering in children are examined further then that would help them in building a strong foundation for assembling the logical interventions for the children. With this children would be able to detect & pay attention to certain tasks when their minds lacked focus. She also said that everyone would grasp more knowledge about mind wandering if they spend more time in classrooms with the children. This would benefit school teachers a lot as they could curate beneficial teaching strategies alongside optimizing the teaching & learning experience for the students.

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