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University of York’s Latest Report Suggests Two-Child Policy is Leading to Drastic Poverty in the Poor Families

University of York’s Latest Report Suggests Two-Child Policy is Leading to Drastic Poverty in the Poor Families

University of York is known for its effective academic research & finest course curriculum and that’s the reason maximum student population from India choose to pursue their education in the UK. In addition, with the evolution of trending research, the University of York also compiles up certain issues that need to be addressed by the UK government at the earliest. In short, their main focus revolves around generating meaningful awareness about the current research studies.

In this short blog, we’re here to discuss the same. Recently, the University of York brought up an important concern about the 2 Child Policy implemented by the UK government. This policy was introduced for the social security benefits but unfortunately has shown only a slight change in the fertility rate and has increased poverty conditions amongst the lower & middle-class families living in the UK. In a collaborative report published by three different academic institutions ( University of York, London School of Economics & King’s College London) it was showcased that the main purpose of this policy was to constrain the low-class families from giving birth to more than 2 children. George Osborne ( Vice-Chancellor) who introduced this policy in the UK stated that this policy was introduced to provide the same set of financial choices to the families who received benefits from the UK government & wish to bear 2 children whilst managing their personal & professional life graph.

Well now, it’s 2022 which counts as the 5th Year of this two-child policy introduced in the UK. On the completion of the 5th Year, Nuffield Foundation conducted a funded research on this policy which showcased that the specific fertility rate for 3rd & succeeding children born to lower-income families has reduced only to 1% which is asserted to be 5,000 births per year.

Mary Reader ( Lead Author ~ Two-Child Policy Research from London School of Economics) said that the justification for this entire two-child policy issued by the government is completely baseless, flawed & didn’t end up portraying accurate results. She also said that the core mission of this two-child policy was to stop poor families from having more than one child but on the other hand their research showcases opposite results. The final research output depicted that the fertility rate was reduced only by a slight percentage and no such massive change was observed by her team.

This in-depth analysis of the 2 child policy signifies that the students, management, professors & researchers from the University of York are always at the front foot in putting forward their concerns about the topics which need huge attention from the UK government. International students who study at the University of York have access to versatile theoretical & practical classes conducted at the university. In NSS (National Student Survey 2021) 85.39% of the students stated that they were extremely satisfied with the course curriculum taught at the university. York has also been awarded the ‘Gold Teaching Excellence Framework‘ for benefiting students with outstanding teaching & learning curriculum.

From the Department of Social Policy & the Social Work ~ University of York; Dr Ruth Patrick stated that it’s been 5 years of this two-year child policy which ultimately means that it’s been 5 years of tough phase for low-income families who wish to have more than 2 children. In short, 5 years of snatching away the sense of peace, happiness & livelihood from them & their children. He also stated that this policy is nothing but a scam which is ultimately increasing the poverty scenario in the UK amongst low-income families & should be removed from the government rules booklist at the earliest.

The data for this research was collected from adult women who could bear children in two different variants. One was the fraction of women who had access to the policy & another batch who didn’t have access to the £3000 social security policy issued by the government. From this data some belonged to low-income families & some didn’t, some had two children and some had given birth to more than one child. It was done so because variations are seen in data collected from different sources. In the end, the final output showcased that with the implementation of a two-year child policy the substantial probability of having more than 3rd or more children got reduced only by 0.36% which is only a trivial amount.

It’s quite obvious that this research will surely catch the attention of George Osborne ( Vice-Chancellor) & UK government & they will implement better strategies or would try to revamp this two-child policy with best practices. Want to be a part of such intellectual research conducted at ‘University of York‘ or wish to pursue some other course of your choice? Hold On, Speak2university Team has got something for you. Have a look at some of the most famous courses taught here & in case anyone makes a place in your heart let us know our experts will help you out with the entire admission procedure effortlessly. Book a free consultation call now!

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