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Queen Mary University of London strengthens partnership with Mexican Institutions

Queen Mary University of London strengthens partnership with Mexican Institutions

Forming partnerships with different educational institutions and companies is a crucial segment for all universities as it generates a huge scope of learning and networking opportunities for the students. When it comes to forming effective joint co-operations then the ‘Queen Mary University of London’ is one popular name which instantly strikes in mind because QMUL is quite famous for having strong networking links with the corporate firms who hire fresh graduates from this prestigious educational hub for various respectable job profiles. This was eventually also proven when “Graduate Outcome Survey 2020” published its results after analyzing universities on various employability factors. In the survey, 93% of the undergraduate (UG) students either got employed or indulged in further studies after 6 six months of graduation whereas the percentage increased for the postgraduate (PG) students and ranged around 95% approximately.

All this is a result of powerful coalitions and to develop these with Mexican Institutions recently Professor Colin Bailey CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) President & Principal of QMUL took a step forward for expanding their alliance with the Mexican universities. In brief terms, the partnership with the “Mexican Institutions” is based on an agreement which has been signed with the UABC & QMUL respectively. This agreement acts as a bridge for QMUL as it will allow them to broaden their latest partnership activities with UABC (Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico) due to which their current partnership will grow much stronger in comparison to the previous one. All the activities which are included in the process of building a strong partnership will benefit all the academic staff and students from both universities. As a result, different scenarios will be permitted and to solve those teams of academic staff and students from both parties will have to come forward to resolve all the social, and scientific issues associated with that scenario for the progress of both nations specifically.

On this occasion when the official meeting took place then Professor Colin Bailey (CBE) gave a presentation about the Queen Mary University of London which impressed everyone in one go. Once the session was over a few students asked him certain questions and he was extremely very happy to answer all of them in a detailed manner. Another group of students asked him questions about the postgraduate (PG) programmes taught at QMUL and also showcased their interest in enrolling on the same at QMUL. After the rounds of questions were over students clicked pictures with him & also had a cordial chat before he left for the “State TV & Radio” interview session.

Professor Colin Bailey (CBE) is known to have a very calm nature and interacted politely with all the students who were studying at the research school. He also indulged in a group discussion with the nursing students from UABC who had been studying the “Nature, Nurture & Mental Health” course through online mode by highly qualified SMEs from the “School of Biological & Behavioral Science” of the Queen Mary University of London.

On the big day, the UABC spokesperson (Processor Valdez – UABC Rector) seemed very delighted and hosted a lavish dinner to celebrate the foundation of this partnership in the beautiful vineyards of the UABC campus. He also took Professor Colin Bailey (CBE) on a tour & showed him the new UABC campus which is under the construction. Significantly, it seemed to be a good start and now both the parties are looking forward to boosting their partnership more by implementing activities which benefit all the academic professionals & students for a longer-term. Moreover, apart from UABC, QMUL will be also forming partnerships with other Mexican universities for enlarging their networking links at a global level.

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