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Ulster University to Generate £50M Data Hub for Expanding the Manufacturing Business in the UK

Ulster University to Generate £50M Data Hub for Expanding the Manufacturing Business in the UK

Belfast is known as the ‘IT Hub’ of the UK and for students who wish to pursue B.Tech or any other degree in tech, the field seems to be the best place for them. From education, accommodation, lifestyle, culture, and food to sports, theatre, and tourist attractions there’s so much this city offers to all the regional and international students. Apart from all these various IT companies have set up their businesses in Belfast and that’s the reason it’s popularly known as the ‘Tech City’ worldwide. Let us take your attention to the ‘Ulster University’ and it’s new venture. Well, this university has 7 campuses in different areas of the UK out of which one is located in Belfast & that’s the reason we have discussed that particular city in the previous section of this article.

As one of its campuses is located in Belfast so it’s obvious that influence is going to be huge which has led them to build a ‘Smart Manufacturing Data Science Hub’ worth £50M in Northern Ireland for enhancing the manufacturing competition amongst the businesses in the United Kingdom. With this initiative ‘Ulster University‘ is letting the industry manufacturers use the business data while boosting their competitive spirit. According to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), this venture is a massive project and is funded by both the public and private sectors for guiding 10,000 manufacturing companies and creating 13,000 jobs for the people living in Northern Ireland, UK.

Apart from all, the main purpose of the ‘Smart Manufacturing Data Science Hub’ will be to provide constant guidance and support to the manufacturing companies in their development journey, getting adapted to data-driven technologies alongside working spontaneously across the manufacturing spectrum for the expansion of the manufacturing department at a rapid pace.

To turn this initiative into a big success, the Manufacturing Data Exchange Platform (MDEP) will allow the manufacturing companies to submit their data online in exchange for receiving artificial intelligence as a return investment. Those companies who choose to offer their data online to the MDEP will be provided with a£10 million ‘Digital Innovation Fund’ for implementing better suggestions for building a huge digitalization platform across the UK. Also, Virtual Manufacturing Test Beds (VMTs) will eliminate the risk factor investment from the latest advanced digital technologies whilst scanning & upgrading the anonymous data from current manufacturing companies so that all the experts from this industry can make the best use of this practice without any hindrance.

To summarize, we would like to state that the entirety of this interesting venture looks really promising & ‘Ulster University’ is going to achieve some real prominence in the future whilst creating more job opportunities in the UK for their students. So if you’re someone who is looking for a promising career along with beneficial education then according to us the ‘Ulster University’ is the right fit for you. Get in touch with Speak2University experts to know more about the courses taught here & head towards a brighter & satisfactory future! You can also have a look at the popular courses taught here below.


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